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56 MUSEUM STAFF MUSEUM ASSISTANTS MUSEUM STAFF Jessica Nicoll 83 Director and Louise Ines Doyle 34 Chief Curator Stacey Anasazi Financial and Systems Coordinator David Andrews Admissions Assistant Nikolas Asikis Acting Assistant Preparator Jessica Berube Brown Post-Baccalaureate Fellow in Museum Marketing and Communications Ashley Brickhouse 11 Interim Assistant Educator Emma Cantrell Brown Post-Baccalaureate Fellow for Museum Education Margi Caplan Membership and Marketing Director David Dempsey Associate Director for Museum Services Tim Donahue Matting Assistant Martha Ebner Communications Coordinator Taiga Ermansons AC 03 Associate Educator Nan Fleming Museum Store Manager Aprile Gallant Curator of Prints Drawings and Photographs Susan Gelotte Assistant Museum Store Manager Justin Griswold Installation Technician Gina Hall Associate Educator for School and Family Programs Kelly Holbert Exhibition Coordinator Henriette Kets de Vries Cunningham Center Manager Louise Krieger 84 Assistant to the Director Margaret Kurkoski 12 Brown Post-Baccalaureate Curatorial Fellow Louise Laplante Collections ManagerRegistrar Maggie Lind Associate Director for Academic Programs and Public Education Louise Martindell 02 Membership and Donor Coordinator Ann Mayo 83 Manager of Security and Guest Services Colleen McDermott Brown Post-Baccalaureate Curatorial Fellow Charlene Shang Miller Associate Educator for Academic Programs Linda Muehlig Associate Director for Curatorial Affairs and Senior Curator of Painting and Sculpture William Myers Chief Preparator Stephanie Sullivan Assistant Preparator Richard Turschman Assistant Manager for Security Yao Wu Jane Chace Carroll Curator of Asian Art MUSEUM GUARDS Elizabeth Bannish Nellie Brahms Larry Carlson Ryan Duffy Donna Edgarton Nancy Elwell Pamela Ferrechio Jonathan Gerhardson Dave Hart Carlotta Hoffman Dustin Kelleher Donna Kurkul John LaChapelle Bryan Larkin Julia Max Jason Mazzotta Brendan McCauley Lourdes Morales Jolis Ortiz Yulin San Ben Shohan Kim Spence Wendy Stayman Jenni Sussman Christie Svane Kasha Toone Diane Westman SECURITY SYSTEM SPECIALISTS Jim Adamski Michelle Cotugno 02 Tamma Fairbrother Sue Farrell Keith Gamage Patrick Gaudet Kate Kearns 01 Deb Kowal Jack Martin Jordan So Yung Morris Mike Patenaude Richard Samuelson Fran Taylor 56 below left to right Emma Cantrell Louise Martindell with members Henriette Kets de Vries and Dance Professor Emerita Susan Waltner Dave Andrews installation crew Gina Hall Charlene Shang Miller and Second Friday participants