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23 From March to May 2015 I was invited to serve as the Metropolitan Museum of Arts annual fellow for museum education and public practice. I proposed to research and develop new models for connecting this large public museum more directly with college and university learning by introducing new strategies for faculty engagement. At the Met relationships certainly already exist with the academic community. But I saw the potential for growth in exploring how the museum could build deeper relationships rst with faculty as teachers and then with students as learners. While most public museums have structures in place to support K12 educators they typically dont have educa- tion staff whose role is to specically support university faculty in their teaching. Over the past several decades academic museums like SCMA have introduced a new professional role the academic liaison. This position is a dedicated entry-point for faculty to the museums resources. At SCMA it is a role currently held by Charlene Shang Miller under the title of associate educator for academic programs. Addition- ally other departments and staff members at the museum contribute in an ongoing way toward faculty outreach efforts. These activities served as a model for two pilot programs I offered at the Met I partnered with two Centers for Faculty Development The Academic Center for Excellence in Research and Teaching at Hunter College and The Center for Excellence in Teaching at the Fashion Institute of Technology to offer a focused workshop on teaching with art across disciplines. I hosted a Faculty Dialogue at the Met that brought together 14 faculty members from across a range of disciplines and institutions to spend an afternoon focused on deep conversation about a single work in the museums collection. Exploring the work we do at SCMA within a new context was really informative. I was pushed to re-articulate the value of cross-disciplinary faculty outreach concluding that these efforts are not just about break- ing down intellectual boundariesthey have the potential to empower full access to the museum for more diverse audiences by creating new entry points for experiencing art. Maggie Lind is Associate Director for Academic Programs and Public Education SCMA Spotlight The Tryon Prizes for Writing and Art In 1995 SCMA established a student prize for outstanding writing related to art seen at the museum. In 2007 a prize for studio art in new media was added. Both prizes were named for the painter Dwight W. Tryon who taught at Smith from 1886 to 1923. Tryons bequest established the Tryon Art Gallery which was the forerunner of todays museum. Each year an anonymous jury of faculty led by the SCMA director reviews the prize applicants. In 2015 the top prize in writ- ing was given to Candace Kang 15 who examined SCMAs inaugural collection of American art and an early episode of de- accessioning in her essay Formation of the Smith College Museum of Art Collec- tion and Its Relationship with Department Stores. Freda Epum 15 received the top prize in art for her video installation and perfor- mance piece Wet Cloud Series Diary of a Shy Girl and the Emancipation of the Wet Cloud. Freda addressed the ideas of self-perception collective memory and queering of archival material. STAFF PERSPECTIVE A FELLOWSHIP AT THE MET top to bottom left to right Amherst College Professor Rowland Abiodun in conversation at Fall Faculty Preview Linda Muehlig leads a Members program Smith Faculty Preview of redesigned African art gallery professors Barbara Kellum and Frazer Ward participated in the Excavating the Image colloquium winter 2015 artist Martha Wilson and Jessica Nicoll in conversation at the Excavating the Image colloquium Maggie Lind leads a faculty group discussion at the Met