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34 ACQUISITIONS In June 2014 SCMA was pleased to receive an impor- tant gift of 1446 prints and drawings from the collec- tion of Gladys Engel Lang and Kurt Lang emeriti pro- fessors of sociology at the University of Washington Seattle. The core of the Lang collection is focused on prints by British and American artists active from the mid-19th century through the mid-20th century and is tied closely to the material discussed in their co- authored book Etched In Memory The Building and Survival of Artistic Reputation 1990. This past year the Langs completed the gift of 735 works with the remaining 711 being held as promised gifts for future donation. Ninety percent of the collec- tion is now catalogued and available through SCMAs online database and ve percent has been digitized. Works from the collection have been on view as part of installations in both the Nixon Gallery and the mobile cabinets for works on paper in the second and third oor permanent collection galleries and were the subject of six posts on the Cunningham Center blog Paper People. This dynamic collection has also provided valu- able hands-on research opportunities for students. Three notable projects involving the Lang collec- tion during the past year included cataloguing of the collection by Brittany Rubin UMass M.A. 15 research writing and curating projects from the collection by International Fine Print Dealers As- sociation IFPDA Intern Nicole Viglini Smith 04 and the creation of digital resources connected to the Lang collection by Institute for Curatorial Prac- tice intern Jacob Edwards who will graduate from Hampshire College in 2016. Brittany Rubin was hired as the Lang Collection Print Cataloguer when the collection arrived and worked steadily processing works from the collection until her graduation from UMass. During my year at the Cun- ningham Center I had the great fortune to experience rst-hand the scope and breadth of the Langs print expertise. I am excited that the museums visitors will be able to study and enjoy the Lang Collection for generations to come. Generously funded by the IFPDA Nicole Viglinis 10- week internship allowed her to dig deeply into the col- lection. Nicole wrote three blog posts and added sig- nicant research to SCMAs les. She also curated two mobile cabinet installations. Rural Nostalgia Women Etchers of the Late Nineteenth Century showcased etchings by ve women artists whose prints evoked nostalgia for an agrarian past in the wake of the Sec- ond Industrial Revolution. It was the Best of Times American Prints of the Great Depression posited the idea that printmakers addressed both the hardship and the social cohesion that resulted from Americas economic struggles in their work of the 1930s. Jacob Edwardss ve-week internship followed his participation in Hampshire Colleges Institute for Cu- ratorial Practice an intensive summer program fo- cused on curatorial issues and the development of digital exhibitions. Edwards built a WordPress website to host digital projects and resources focused on the Lang Collection and curated the rst exhibition Print- ing a Modern World. Of his experience Edwards said I learned not only about creating a digital exhibition platform but how to do art research and work with prints hands on. I had never worked so closely with a single collection before so I feel like I really got to hone my writing and research skills which I will un- doubtedly take with me as I continue my studies in art and curation. I look forward to seeing what other interns and fellows will do with the Lang Collection. The Gladys Engel Lang and Kurt Lang Collection