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22 MAKING MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS WITH ART Smith faculty members are key collaborators and advisors for our work at the museum. We strive to support them as teachers scholars and intellectually curious lifelong learn- ers. In our work with faculty we introduce opportunities for open investigation in the museum that cut across dis- ciplines. This year we offered several key programs for this specic audience. In September 2014 we welcomed colleagues from across the Smith campus for a rst look at SCMAs newly installed second and third oor galleries. Linda Muehlig associate director for curatorial affairs and senior curator of painting and sculpture introduced the new installation of paintings by Edgar Degas placing it in the context of the third oors overarching theme of Tradition and Transformation. Maggie Lind associate director for academic programs and public education shared the interpretive philosophy informing the new gallery layout and engaged attendees in their own close-looking encounter with a work of art. A Teaching Arts Luncheon Refreshed Revised and Re- interpreted The New Permanent Collection Galleries at SCMA created in conjunction with the Sherrerd Center for Teaching and Learning took place on November 14 2014. The event provided an introduction to the galler- ies as key resources for teaching across disciplines and identied basic conceptual and practical approaches to teaching with art. As part of this Maggie Lind engaged the faculty in an open dialogue about a work from the col- lection and demonstrated how object-based teaching can be integrated into course discussion. Excavating the Image is an annual collaboration between the Kahn Liberal Arts Institute and SCMA and focuses on a single work of art from the collection as the centerpiece for a two-day cross-disciplinary investigation. Faculty from a range of departments observe the work hear from experts who offer layers of contextual information and follow the conversation where it takes them. This years program featured the work of Martha Wilson and the artist herself joined the group as both participant and presenter. This popular colloquium is a wonderful demon- stration of the power of perspective when investigating art and how different points of view combine to inform and enrich exploration. Open-ended Interdisciplinary Faculty Programs What is the critical value of the Humanities in a liberal arts education Spend one day in an Excavating the Image project and you will un- derstand. Deep engagement with faculty across all three divisions around a single work of art can be truly transformative. You come away feeling moved and changed and inclined to look at all art there- after in new ways. The night after the project I dreamed I had painted the work myselfthats how intimately I came to know and love the image Rosetta Marantz Cohen Sylvia Dlugasch Bauman Professor of Education Child Study Director Smithsonian Program Director Kahn Liberal Arts Institute Smith College