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19 When I applied to Smith I did so with the hopes of joining the Museums Concentration. I was enticed by the ways in which I could shape this experience around my interestswhich were many. I found myself enrolling in art history classes that utilized SCMA as part of the curriculum. Art History was inherently interdisciplinary and afforded me the opportunity to study all my interests through the lens of visual culture. In conjunction with the concentration I now had a practical application for my academic interests. As a sophomore I worked as both a student assistant in the Cunningham Center for Prints Drawings and Photographs and as a volunteer Student Museum Educator. I also enrolled in an art conservation class. I found the curatorial experi- ence at the Cunningham Center to be most exhilarating and sought out study abroad opportunities that would allow me to further this interest. I applied to Smiths Smithsonian Program for the fall semes- ter of my junior year and was placed with the Curator of Graphic Arts at the National Museum of American History. During the semester I catalogued more than 400 prints from a collection of 18th-century European engravings. I went on to spend my spring semester at Oxfords Centre for Me- dieval and Renaissance Studies where I was able to study British printmaking techniques rst-hand. When I returned to Smith I returned to work in the Cun- ningham Center and coupled that with a job in the market- ing department as the Student Museum Advisory Council student chair. Drafting print and online marketing materials for SCMA I quickly found that marketing was overlapping with curatingboth were forms of visual public outreach. With the deadline for senior capstone proposals approach- ing I wanted my project to reect the paths I had taken. I proposed curated installed and promoted an exhibition of English printed portraits in SCMAs American and English portraiture gallery. The exhibition was a genre comparison across media allowing viewers to experience close up the ways in which printmaking depicted the qualities of paint- ings. As a culmination of my experiences interests and growth within the concentration my exhibition about portraiture was itself a portrait of my four years at Smith. Janna Singer-Baefsky 15 will begin a masters program in the History of Art at University College London in the fall of 2016. STUDENT PERSPECTIVE MUSEUMS CONCENTRATOR JANNA SINGER-BAEFSKY 15 top to bottom left to right Director Jessica Nicoll introduces Museums Concentration capstone presentations at Celebrating Collaborations spring 2015 Museums Concentrators on a eld trip to the Clark Muse- ums Concentrators retreat Tom Branchick director and conservator of paintings Williamstown Art Conservation Center meets in his lab with MUX 300 students Concentrators with Jessica Nicoll at the Clark SMITH 2015 GRADUATES WITH A CONCENTRATION IN MUSEUMS AND THEIR CAPSTONE PROJECTS Niyati Dave The Interdisciplinary College Art Museum Tess Frydman Broadening the Historical Narrative Programming for Freedoms Frontiers Summer Youth Camp Minchi Hyun Discovering Geometry through Art Hands-on Activities for Elementary Students Candace Kang A Reconstruction of Albert Pinkham Ryders Perrette Jiete Li Collecting Chinese Art at the Smith College Museum of Art Alexandra McKeever The History of Modern Fencing An Exhibition Proposal Hope Mowry Language Accessibility Proposal for the Smith College Museum of Art Maris Schwarz The 1980s and the Art of Disintegration Janna Singer-Baefsky Now You See Me Printed Portraits and the Relationship between Mezzotints and Oil Paintings MUSEUMS CONCENTRATION ADVISORY COMMITTEE Jessica Nicoll Museums Concentration Director Director and Louise Ines Doyle 34 Chief Curator SCMA Martin Antonetti Curator of Rare Books Smith College Libraries Rosetta Marantz Cohen Sylvia Dlugasch Bauman Professor of Education Child Study Director Smithsonian Program Director Kahn Liberal Arts Institute John Davis Alice Pratt Brown Professor of Art David Dempsey Associate Director for Museum Services SCMA Aprile Gallant Curator of Prints Drawings and Photographs SCMA Barbara Kellum Professor of Art Dana Leibsohn Priscilla Paine Van der Poel Professor of Art Maggie Lind Associate Director for Academic Programs and Public Education SCMA Richard Millington Professor of American Studies and English Language and Literature Kiki Smith Professor of Theatre Fraser Stables Associate Professor of Art Frazer Ward Associate Professor of Art