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17 Smith faculty from various disciplines work with museum staff to integrate art from the museums collections and exhibitions into their coursework. Class visits engage students in the many ways of experienc- ing art provide models for teaching and learning with art and strengthen students visual and museum literacy skills. A few examples Students had the opportunity to research objects and think deeply about the formation of Smiths collection of American art in Art 260 Stud- ies in American Art Collecting American Art at Smith The Seelye-Tryon Era taught by John Davis Alice Pratt Brown Professor of Art. Professor of Art Dana Leibsohns course Art 292 Collecting the Past Art Artifact and Ancient America also conducted research and contributed to scholarship about objects in the collection. In German Studies 299 Exhibiting the Visual Art of Interwar Germany 19241940 Education Entertainment and Politics for the Masses taught by Joseph McVeigh professor of German Studies students considered issues of exhibition curation interpretation and design in discussions led by museum staff. Senior students in Dance 377 Advanced Studies in History and Aesthetics Cunningham Technique and Context engaged with artist Mary Bauermeis- ter which informed their performance of a work choreographed by Angie Hauser assistant professor of dance in the museums corridors and stairwell. Many First-Year Seminars and courses across departments such as Religion English French Studies Spanish Portuguese Anthropology History Environmental Science Policy School of Social Work and East Asian Studies continue to utilize the museums collections in engaging ways. SCMAs new and improved Teaching Gallery is dedicated primarily to the display of works of art in connection with a wide range of courses and programs of study. This gallery along with the Mellon Classroom provided space to bring out works of art from storage for courses such as Education 342 Growing Up American Adolescents and Their Educational Institutions with Carol Berner Lecturer in Education Child Study Chemistry 100 Perspectives in Chemistry The Chemistry of Art Objects with David Dempsey Associate Director for Museum Services and Elizabeth Jamieson Associate Professor of Chemistry Sociology 327 Seminar Global Migration in the 21st Century with Payal Banarjee Assistant Professor of Sociology American Studies 253 Native Literacies to 1880 with Christen Mucher Assistant Professor of American Studies Philosophy 233 Aesthetics with Nalini Bhushan Professor of Philosophy The Teaching Gallery also was the site for an installation of works in the collection focused on the theme of Veiling and a gallery discussion with interested faculty and museum members on the occasion of 20142015 William Allan Neilson Professor Sahar Amers lecture Muslim Women Veiling and Human Rights. opposite page student dancers in Angie Hausers class performing at the museum above top to bottom Payal Banarjee visiting the Cunningham Center with her class updated Teaching Gallery Students in the redesigned Teaching Gallery Slow Sustained Academic Engagement with the Collection Visits to the museum are fully incorpo- rated in two of my classes the First-Year Seminar Bollywood Matinee and the Global Migration Seminar. The museum staff has been instrumental and brilliant curating specic pieces from SCMAs col- lection to augment certain coursework devoted to a social understanding of our visual worlds. My students have had the opportunity to examine a number of dif- ferent artworks and reect on represen- tations of race religion gender class and migration. Payal Banarjee Assistant Professor of Sociology Smith College