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31 All gifts were made during the 2015 scal year July 1 2014June 30 2015. Grants listed were awarded or supported current projects during that period. Every effort has been made to ac- curately report donors. ANNUAL APPEAL SCMAS COLLECTION GALLERY REDESIGN PHASE II The museum thanks the following donors who gave gifts of 1000 or more to support rein- stalled and reimagined galleries that will allow our visitors to see beloved works in a new light and offer innovative ways to experience and interact with the extraordinary art treasured by so many. Elizabeth Boeckman 54 Cathy Carron 79 Joan Lebold Cohen 54 Elizabeth Ireland 79 and George Ireland Sarah Leahy 54 Peggy Liu 80 Alison Rooney 87 Bonnie Sacerdote 64 Carol Sirot 54 ASIAN ART INITIATIVES The museum thanks the following donors who made contributions of 500 or more to support the museums Asian Art Initiatives including strengthening its Asian art collection mount- ing exhibitions and educational programs and establishing the Jane Chace Carroll Curator of Asian Art position and Carol T. Christ Gallery for Asian Art in honor of Carol Christ the 10th president of Smith College Jung Koo An Jane Carroll 53 Peggy Danziger 62 in honor of Sam Morse Nancy Fessenden 50 in honor of Sam Morse Ae Young Han Korea Foundation Youngse Kwon Sarah Leahy 54 in honor of Sam Morse Ann Niehoff 75 Eliot Nolen 54 Jeehye Yu MATCHING GIFT ExxonMobil Foundation GIFTS OF FUNDS FOR OTHER PURPOSES The museum thanks donors of gifts of 500 or more who support SCMA mission-centered activities including academic programs and collections care and development Laura Brounstein 84 in memory of Jacqueline Proner 83 Joan Curhan 59 in memory of Muriel Pokross 34 Jan Golann 71 Margot Linton 52 Herbert Lust Bonnie Sacerdote 64 Betty Sams 57 Dorothy Sumner 57 GRANT SUPPORT The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts Inc. Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne The Brown Foundation Inc. of Houston E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation Institute of Museum and Library Services International Fine Print Dealers Association Massachusetts Cultural Council a State Agency National Endowment for the Arts The Sumitomo Foundation BEQUESTS Susan Cumming 67 Estate of Margo Lamb 56 GIFTS TO THE MUSEUM clockwise from top left Betty Eveillard 69 with Diane Nixon 57 Peggy Danziger 62 and Richard Danziger Eliot Nolen 54 and Jane Carroll 53 with Yao Wu and Jessica Nicoll 83 Joan Lebold Cohen 54 Julia Meech 63 and Richard Danziger Richard and Sarah Leahy 54 Christ Gallery dedication ceremony