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43 SMITH BRACKETT Prilla. American born 1942 Remnants Communion 9 1997 Acrylic wash graphite charcoal Cont crayon and pastel on Somerset paper Gift of Prilla Smith Brackett SORMAN Steven. American born 1948 wind losing ground 1976 Beeswax collage color pencil and china marker on Kochi paper at river 1991 Pastel and charcoal on Richard de Bas paper January 29 1996 1996 Mixed media on Indian watercolor paper July 12 1996 1996 Mixed media on Indian watercolor paper otherwise remembered 2001 Mixed media on fabric and various joined papers Untitled 2002 Silverpoint on Magnani Incisioni paper a practical unbelief 2006 IMAGE 10 Rust copper oxide gesso gouache and acrylic on TGL handmade paper Gift of Steven Sorman in memory of Shelley Ross class of 1968 and in honor of Sally Brody class of 1954 and Janice Oresman class of 1955 STARK James. English 17941859 Country Landscape n.d. Watercolor on thick smooth cream- colored paper The Gladys Engel Lang and Kurt Lang Collection Mobile Cabinets for Works on Paper Part of the 20142015 reinstallation plan was the development of alternate exhibition strategies for SCMAs 20000 works of art on paper. SCMAs holdings of prints drawings photographs and illustrated books date from the 15th century to the present day and comprise 80 percent of the entire collection. Works on paper can only be on view for short periods of time because they are subject to damage from exposure to light. To address these conditions SCMA developed a system of mobile cabinets that can accommodate miniature installations of between ve and ten works on paper. These cabinets which may be moved througout the galleries provide opportunities for visitors to see works on paper in relation to paintings and sculpture in the permanent collection. They also provide exibility for student- curated projects such as Now You See Me The Relationship between the Printed and Painted Portrait a capstone exhibition organized by Museums Concentrator Janna Singer-Baefsky 15 see page 19. This cabinet installed in the second oor permanent collection galleries juxtaposed painted and mezzotint portraits to demonstrate how English artists used printmaking to accurately reproduce and circulate images of original oil paintings to a wide audience. bottom Allen Jones. Irish 174097. After Sir Joshua Reynolds. English 172392. Miss Kemble 1780s. Engraving and mez- zotint on paper. Purchased top Sir Joshua Reynolds. English 172392. Mrs. Nesbitt as Circe 1781. Oil on canvas. Gift of Dwight W. Morrow Jr. Anne Morrow Lindbergh class of 1928 and Constance Morrow Morgan class of 1935 10 43