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4949 NYC Easter 1984 Pittsburgh 1984 Three untitled images from Bay Sky Series 1985 Provincetown Bay Sky Series 1985 Porch Rockport MA 1986 Vintage chromogenic contact prints Gift of Nicole Moretti Ungar class of 1982 and Jon Ungar NISHINO Sohei. Japanese born 1982 Diorama Map Tokyo 2014 Light jet print Purchased with gifts in honor of Samuel C. Morse Curatorial Consultant for Asian Art 200015 NORMAN Dorothy. American 190597 Church Falmouth Cape Cod 1933 Crowded saint 1933 Climbing vine ca. 1936 Cloud formations and tree branches at sunset 1936 Roses Woods Hole 1936 Telephone wires trees and clouds 1936 Gravestones Cape Cod 1937 Gelatin silver prints Gift of Nicole Moretti Ungar class of 1982 and Jon Ungar OGRADY Lorraine. American born 1934 4 photographs from Art Is 1983 printed 2009 Art IsCop Framed Art IsStar East Monuments Art IsTroupe with Mlle. Bourgeoise Noire Art IsWomen in Crowd Framed IMAGE 22 C-prints Purchased with the Dorothy C. Miller class of 1925 Fund PARKER Ann. American born 1934 Seven Scarecrows from Four Cultures ca. 1978 C-prints Gift of Elaine H. Finkelstein class of 1951 PURCELL Rosamond. American born 1942 The Field of the Cloth of Gold from Landscapes of the Passing Strange 2010 Inkjet printed on thick slightly textured white paper Transferred from Smith College Ruth Mortimer Rare Book Room SANDER August. German 18761964 The Dadaist Raoul Hausmann posing 1930 printed 1974 Gelatin silver print Gift of Nicole Moretti Ungar class of 1982 and Jon Ungar STRUSS Karl. American 18661981 Untitled Grand Canyon and tree shadows n.d. Untitled Pines and canyon n.d Untitled Stone gateway n.d. Untitled Sunbeam on Grand Canyon n.d. Vintage gelatin silver prints Five Islands Maine 1910 Vintage platinum print Tree with three branches 1911 Paget Shoreline 1912 Vintage gelatin silver prints Nude draped in gauze plate 32 from the series Series The Female Figure 1917 Hess-Ives color print tipped to mount Gift of Nicole Moretti Ungar class of 1982 and Jon Ungar UNKNOWN known as Giraudons Artist French 19th century Female peasant holding a small animal late 1870s IMAGE 23 Shepherdess resting on a fallen bush late 1870s Shepherdess under a tree with two sheep late 1870s Two female peasants one riding a donkey late 1870s Two women standing with baskets and dog late 1870s Albumen prints from wet collodion negatives Gift of Charles Isaacs and Carol Nigro WEBB Todd. American born 1958 2nd Avenue at 51st Street New York 1946 Vintage gelatin silver print Purchased with the Katharine S. Pearce class of 1915 Fund Fulton and Front Street New York 1946 Pearl Street South from Fulton Street 1959 Vintage gelatin silver prints Purchased with the fund in honor of Charles Chetham Washington Street NY Blue Star Luncheon 1959 IMAGE 24 Vintage gelatin silver print Gift of Elizabeth Evans Hunt WILLIS John. American born 1958 The Mass Gravesite at Wounded Knee from The Massacre of 1890 2002 Vern Sitting Bear and His Nieces Pet Wolf Pine Ridge Reservation SD 2004 Allen Housing Pine Ridge Reservation SD 2005 Victoria Chipps of the Horn Chipps lineage of Medicine Men on her nineteenth birthday with her great-granddaughter Wanblee Housing Pine Ridge Reservation SD 2005 IMAGE 25 Gelatin silver prints Gift of Jeanne and Richard S. Press 22 23 24 25