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3 Nolen 54 Yaos work will be supported by the new Nolen Endowed Fund for Asian Art Initiatives and the Carroll and Nolen Asian Art Acquisition Fund. SCMAs Asian Art Task Force chaired by Joan Lebold Cohen 54 nurtured our efforts and provided crucial support every step of the way and the lead gift for the gallery from AATF member and former Smith College trustee Peggy Block Danziger 62 turned dreams into reality. We are tremendously grateful to all of our visionary donors and the many many others whose generosity has made it possible to study original works of Asian art at Smith. Synergy at its best. In conjunction with our inventory of whats not on view and should be we realized that this period of reinstal- lation was exactly the right time to capture space for the ongoing display of SCMAs African art collection. Mellon Five College Post-Doctoral Fellow Amanda Gilvin helped us conceptualize this new gallery build- ing a framework around several iconic sculptures that will be re-contextualized as other artworks rotate through the installation keeping the space dynamic. The result is exquisite Transformations in African Art a small gallery with a big role in expanding what our visitors see and experience. IN ALL THE FORWARD LOOKING WE HAVENT LOST SIGHT OF WHO WE ARE AND HOW WE BEGAN. SCMA started as a contemporary museum and is still very much committed to collecting the art of the day. The museums Contemporary Associates is a group of donors and members dedicated to the acquisition of photography and video and other digitally based worka growing area of importance for Smith faculty and their students. Since 2009 we have acquired one or more works a year and commandeered corners of the museum to show them but sound spill and light- ing challenges have long been an issue. As part of the recent renovation we made an effort to nd and cre- ate a dedicated space to properly serve this important and growing body of work. Our state-of-the-art Video New Media Gallery sits directly across from our con- temporary collection in the Targan Gallery and we are enormously grateful to the Contemporary Associates members for their investment and commitment to this aspect of our collection. Although much of the last year has focused on the sec- ond and nal phase of the reinstallation weve spent time reecting on the initial changes to our galleries which have all been incredibly well received. Our mo- bile cabinets for works on paper have enhanced our mission providing dimension as well as context for the collection see page 43. The museums two encoun- ter spaces bring different works of art and media into relationship with each other paving new avenues for study and interpretation. The entire gallery redesign has been educational and enriching and inspiring to our community in ways we never even imagined. SO MUCH OF WHAT WEVE ACCOMPLISHED during the last couple of years is the result of a thoughtful productively constructed road map adopted in 2009 and serves as real afrmation of what a careful and comprehensive process can yield. It also underscores the key role of annual giving by SCMAs generous members in particular signicant general operating support from our upper level donor groupsDirec- tors and Tryon Associatesenriches the museums day-to-day experience while enabling us to pursue our priority initiatives. I feel energized and inspired as we embark on our next strategic plan and look forward to collaborating with our exceptional community of supporters and to sharing in the museums forthcom- ing successes. Its no surprise that Ive been particularly attuned to the Asian perspective in recent months notably dur- ing the Chinese Zodiacs Year of the Sheepan auspi- cious time full of promise and prosperity. With utmost gratitude I say thank youone and allfor helping our museum thrive this past year and into the future. Jessica Nicoll 83 Director and Louise Ines Doyle 34 Chief Curator