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Smith Policy on Acceptable Use of Computer and Electronic Resources
Smith College provides computer resources to students, faculty, and staff for academic purposes and for their use on college business. This document describes the college's standards and policies for the acceptable use of these resources, which include individual computer accounts, access to electronic mail (email), and space for web pages.

NOTE: Residential data ports are intended for the resident's client network access only. Any other use of the data connections within residence houses is not supported and may be prohibited, including hosted services such as websites, wireless or other expanded network access, email services, or other services to the network.

Comprehensive Information Security Program

This umbrella document brings together multiple information and data security processes and policies intended to enhance the overall security of the information that touches all aspects of the college’s workings, and ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. 

Employee Information Security Policy
Every employee and volunteer who has access to personal, confidential, and sensitive information has a duty to protect that information from unauthorized access.  Managers are obligated to ensure that employees and volunteers are aware of this policy and advised on how to perform their work within the boundaries of this policy.

Account Password & Security Policy
Smith College provides every community member with an on-line user account uniquely linked to that person. The password for your account is the sole key for protecting your account. Therefore, the strength and privacy of that password is of paramount importance.  Smith requires certain minimum parameters for individual user passwords, and has additional recommendations for keeping your personal account secure.

Web Server Policy
This policy specifies requirements intended to maintain the credibility, integrity, availability and security of Smith's primary web server, as well as the vitality of its content, at the highest level reasonably possible.

Policy on ITS-Deployed Computers & Software 
When new computers or software are released by approved vendors, ITS makes the new hardware or software available to Smith faculty and staff only after it has been thoroughly tested for compatibility with the Smith computing environment. This document describes deployment policies for specific hardware and software configurations.

Electronic Mail Policy 
This document sets forth Smith College's policy with regard to access to and disclosure of electronic mail messages sent or received by Smith students, faculty, and staff with the use of the college's electronic mail system. It also sets forth policies on the proper use of the electronic mail systems.

Email Services Policy
Smith has five categories of email available for use on campus. Depending on the content and recipients of the message, select the appropriate procedure as described in this document.

Wireless Network Policy 
Smith College currently provides the convenience of wireless data network access in select locations to the campus community. Wireless networking is provided as an added supplement to the college’s wired LAN network, and is not considered a replacement to wired access. This document describes the college's policy on the deployment and use of wireless networking on the college’s network.

Remote Access Policy for Administrative Information Systems
Smith College provides selected persons with remote access to Smith's administrative information systems and databases for the purpose of doing work on behalf of the College from off campus. This document explains the remote user's responsibility to ensure the same level of security for College data and intellectual property as he/she would if working on campus.

Policy on Email for Official College Communication
This document explains Smith College's policy regarding electronic mail (email) as an official communication mechanism with students. Note that students are responsible for receiving, reading, complying with, and responding to official email communications from the College.

Account Retention Policy 
This document presents the College’s computer account retention and email forwarding policy. It also provides guidance for users whose Smith accounts are expiring and who wish to transfer any of their email messages, contact lists and/or files on their Smith network drive (H: drive) to another computer.

Emergency Support Policy

This document outlines Information Technology Services policies and procedures regarding routine and emergency support. The document is divided into three sections, each dealing with a different level of support: routine hardware failures, unexpected service interruptions, and official campus closings.

Smith College Copyright Policy
This document describes Smith College's policies on the use of copyrighted works for education and research, lists the people to contact about specific copyright questions, and provides links to many other useful copyright resources on the Web.

HEOA Copyright Protection Plan
Smith is committed to upholding copyright protection law, and the rights of copyright holders. This document outlines Smith's plan to deter the "peer-to-peer" file sharing of copyright protected material, as specified by the HEOA.


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