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If your Smith department, office, or group wishes to:

  • Allow the public to use an interactive on-line form hosted on a Smith web server to order a product or service, or register for a class or event,


  • Allow users to pay for that product, service, or registration using a credit card,

You MUST follow the process described in this document. Following this process ensures that the privacy and security of users' financial data is protected, and the security of the Smith network is maintained.

When the process described below is followed correctly, all credit card information will be sent directly to CyberSource, an electronic-payment processing company, and will never be captured or stored on a Smith server.

Part 1. Department & developer responsibilities
Part 2. ITS responsibilities

Part 1. Department & Developer Responsibilities

All of the following steps (except #6) can be done before ITS connects the form to CyberSource. The more testing that can be done beforehand, the faster the implementation process will go.

1. Contact the Controller's Office at x2200 for Smith's policy on accepting credit card payments, and permission to do so.

2. Design all web pages and any required code or calculation scripts, including:

  • Forms for gathering information
  • Javascript/PHP code for calculating fees, discounts, etc.
  • Javascript/PHP code to accommodate registration of participants qualifying for free events
  • PHP code for email receipt or confirmation
  • Tracking numbers or other unique identifiers to embed in forms
  • Confirmation pages
  • Thank-you pages

3. Add all required Cybersource fields, keeping field names exactly as written:

Suggested Text Label
card_cardType Credit Card Type
Card Number
Exp. Month
Exp. Year
billTo_firstName Billing First Name
billTo_lastName Billing Last Name
billTo_email Billing Email
billTo_street1 Billing Street
billTo_city Billing City
billTo_state Billing State
billTo_postalCode Billing Zip Code
billTo_country Billing Country

To view the required PHP code that must be used to generate the credit card data fields correctly, click here.

Click here to see a sample form that incorporates the required credit card data fields, generated from the required PHP code. (The credit card part of this form would work properly only after ITS added the CyberSource connections.)

4. If needed, obtain a Groupwise email alias from ITS, so you can have all forms submitted to this alias and keep them separate from your regular emails. Contact the IT Service Center at x4487 with your request.

5. Test to confirm that your form works as intended, input fields send the correct data, email receipts work as expected, and confirmation/thank-you pages function properly.

6. After ITS connects the form to CyberSource, test the form with test credit card information, and then test it "live" with a real connection and a real credit card.

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Part 2. ITS Responsibilities

After steps 1 through 5 above are completed, ITS staff will:

  • Connect your web forms to CyberSource.

  • Test credit card workflow and confirm that all fields send and return correctly.

  • Make the form live after all testing is complete.
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