Panel of Siam's Gardens This statue of an elephant is carved out of white stone, and carries on his back a small chedi. The carving is simple and very pleasing. Temple at Chiengmai, Siam.
A typical peasants' house in the interior of Siam, in Chiengmai. Notice the high-peaked and thatched roof, with the little porch that comes out in front, very commonly found in the Siamese house. The garden is fenced off by a bamboo fence. Inside one finds a few vegetables, but even these do not grow very successfully for the chickens are also kept inside the fence, together with all the other domestic animals, and they offer some opposition.
View of the great river that flows through the centre of Bangkok, Siam. It is no wonder that Bangkok has been called the "Venice of the East", for it is crisscrossed by the river and canals. This is one of the many temples to be found along the river banks.
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Photographs and captions by Elizabeth K. Roys