Betsy Anderson, Smith College class of 2004, Garden Historian at The Mount, Edith Wharton's Estate and gardens in Lenox, Massachusetts

Madelaine Zadik, Manager of Education and Outreach, the Botanic Garden of Smith College

Photographs of Asian Gardens

Elizabeth K. Roys, Smith College class of 1928

Roys Family Photographs and papers

Mabel Milham Roys Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College Libraries

Smith College Archives

Asian Garden Notebooks and accompanying documents

Elizabeth K. Roys

William C. Whitford, Madison, Wisconsin. Mr. Whitford, a longtime friend of Elizabeth Roys Wiliams and executor of the Williams Estate, donated her notebooks, letters of introduction, and other related materials to Smith College.

Notebook cataloguing and scanning

Betsy Anderson

Powerpoint presentation

Betsy Anderson


Lisa Carta, Northampton, Massachusetts

Website Development

Leah Masci, Ada Comstock Scholar, Smith Class of 2009

project consultation

Nina Antonetti, Assistant Professor, Department of Landscape Studies, Smith College

Susan Cohen, Smith Class of 1962, ASLA, RLA, Principal, Susan Cohen Landscape Architect

Ann Leone, Professor of French Studies, Director of Landscape Studies Program, Smith College

Michael Marcotrigiano, Director, The Botanic Garden of Smith College

Special thanks to William C. Whitford, without whom this exhibit would not be possible. Mr. Whiteford’s donation of the notebooks, as well as his generous gift of information, have brought Elizabeth Roys Williams and her journey alive as nothing else could. To him we offer our sincere gratitude.

Great entrance Torii of the Shinto temple at Miyajima, Japan

Photograph by Elizabeth K. Roys.