The Shinnyo-en, or “Garden of Truth,” was begun by Ito Shinjo and his wife Tomoji after WWII. Originally affiliated with the Daigo Shingon school of tantric Buddhism, the Shinnyo-en became a fully independent sect in 1953. They have branches around the world, and nearly one-million followers. Their practice includes community work, volunteer service, tithing, spreading their teachings, and guided meditation sessions with teachers trained to see into the practitioners life through the spirit world. The links below will take you to their homepage and the sites for several of their philanthropic endeavors.

The Shinnyo-en International website

Shinnyo-en USA

Shinnyo-en Japan

Shinnyo-en on YouTube

The Shinnyo-en Foundation--a philanthropic organization founded by the Shinnyo-en in the United States.

The ITO Foundation for International Education Exchange

The Izumi Foundation

The Lantern Floating Ceremony in Hawaii

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