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What to do with an unwanted pregnancy

spacerEven though many women plan their pregnancies with their mates, many women don't. Mistakes do happen because we are only human, but just because we are human does not mean we can't take responsibility. After weeks of being pregnant, it is too late to try to prevent the pregnancy. Many women keep their babies while others put them up for adoption with other parents. Other teenage girls may choose that abortion is the right choice for them. There are many places and resources where they will help pregnant teens make the right choice for the baby and the mother.

Steps to take if you are pregnant:

  1. Talk to someone you can trust
  2. Overcome the sense of shame and guilt that you may feel because of your pregnancy
  3. Consider all of your options: adoption, abortion, or keeping the child
  4. If you decide to keep the child, get a physical exam and prenatal care immediately
  5. Get all the information that you can, and take care of yourself: no substance abuse, eat well, exercise, and stay in school for as long as you can

  • If you decide to put the baby up for adoption:
    follow all of the above steps, but make an appointment with an adoption agency

  • If you decide to have an abortion:
    follow steps # 1-3, learn the laws about abortion from your state, talk to your doctor, and know the procedures of an abortion

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