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Why do teenage girls get pregnant?

  • Some girls have not been educated on right and wrong birth control methods
  • Some girls, although very rare, feel that becoming pregnant is a good way to rebel against her parents
  • Some girls are missing love and other emotional feelings because they are not getting it at home, so they look for those feelings elsewhere in order to fulfill their needs
  • Often, mistakes do happen (the condom is broken, she forgot to take her pill one day etc.)
  • Some girls feel the need to have control when they loose control everywhere else
  • Some girls feel that if the have a baby, her boyfriend will lover her and stay
  • Some girls get pregnant because becoming pregnant is very important in their culture

Why dont teenage girls want to get pregnant?

  • Some girls feel that they are not emotionally, physically, and financially ready to raise a child
  • Some girls are afraid of the pain that comes with child labor
  • Some girls are concerned about their health and the health of the baby if she were to have it
  • Some girls believe that pregnancy will destroy their future plans and goals
  • Some girls believe that they are too young
  • Some girls can't handle all of the responsibility that comes with pregnancy
  • Some girls don't want to loose their social life
  • Pregnancy disturbs the academic life of a teenager
  • Some girls are afraid that their partner will leave her and the child
  • Pregnancy is often against the regulations of religion if you are not married
  • Some girls believe it's against their values and morals
  • Some girls with STI's and HIV don't want to pass it on to their children or endanger the child's good health
  • Some girls are afraid that their parents would become highly upset and ashamed of them if they get pregnant before they accomplish their goals or get married

What kind of help does a teenage mother need?

  • Teenagers that become pregnant need the same help that an adult woman would need. Teenage girls have the same symptoms that adult women have like nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and breast tenderness.
  • Even though pregnant teenagers are treated the same way as adults, teenage girls need more emotional and psychological support
  • Teenage girls need extra help, encouragement, and guidance as they make the transition from pregnancy to parenthood
  • Teenage girls need loved ones such as friends and family to help her set realistic goals for her future and the future of her child as well as her job and school opportunities
  • *All of these are very important and needed for future healthy lives of the child, father, and mother.

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