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Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

spacerIt is very important to take care of yourself while you are pregnant because not only are you acting for yourself, you are also acting for your baby. To ensure safety, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. see the doctor as soon as you think you are pregnant
    • A doctor can give you special care when its needed and she/he will keep track of how both of you are doing throughout the pregnancy
  2. ask your doctor about exercise
    • Don't do any strenuous exercising
    • Some women find that exercise in the earl stages of pregnancy can alleviate future discomfort
  3. your diet is of the greatest importance when you are pregnant
    • Your baby must have the correct vitamins and nutrients to grow and mature healthily
    • Eat and drink lots of vegetables and milk. You shouldn't eat low fat when you are pregnant because your body demands for more fat
    • NO Caffeine. If it makes you jittery, imagine what it would do to a 3 pound fetus
  4. Alcohol is not one of your options, don't touch it while you are pregnant, it's a danger to you and your child
    • Any amount of drinking can lead to fetal alcohol syndrome which leads to retardation and face deformities
    • Alcohol also causes low weight and delayed growth
  5. Smoking is also not an option, don't touch a cigarette while you are pregnant because your baby will also become addicted to Nicotine which can lead to low birth-weight and other complications

*Most importantly, use your intelligence. Don't do anything that might put your babies health on the line or in danger. If you have any questions whatsoever, ask your doctor what is best and how you might be able to find better ways to keep yourself and you baby healthy.
Tips for Eating

spacerMany women think that being pregnant means you can eat whatever you want. This is not true. What you eat affects you, your baby, and your pregnancy.

  • When you are pregnant, you should try to eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and peas or beans as possible
  • Stay away from processed foods
  • Take a vitamin/mineral pill high in iron and calcium
  • Eat foods in their most natural state
  • Eat lots of carbohydrates
  • 3/4 of your plate should be grains, fruits, vegetables, and peas or beans
  • Try to eat at least one grain and one fruit or vegetable in every snack
  • Before you eat, ask yourself "Is this good for me and my baby?" If your answer is yes, then eat it. If the answer is no, then don't eat it. Try to find something that is healthy but also satisfies you.
  • Fat, sugar, and salt intake shouldn't be eliminated totally, but reduced.

Things that are good to do during a pregnancy:

  • Taking folic acid (it protects the baby against birth defects of the spine and brain)
  • Have a well a balanced diet
  • Do some exercise
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • See your doctor regularly

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