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  Self Quiz: Choose True or False

  1. Girls can get pregnant if the penis doesn't actually enter the vagina: T F

  2. Girls can get pregnant if they have sex during their period: T F

  3. Girls are protected the day they start the pill: T F

  4. If a guy pulls out his penis from the vagina before he ejaculates, he can prevent pregnancy: T F

  5. Pregnant girls with HIV can pass it on to the baby before it's born: T F

  6. If a teen has a baby, it usually leads to a stronger, healthier, and happier relationship with her boyfriend: T F

  7. Raising a child is like a day at the beach: T F

  8. Teen Pregnancy definitely ensures a great financial state and good job opportunities: T F

  9. Giving labor to a child is completely painless: T F

  10. Generally society supports teen pregnancy: T F


  1. T
  2. T
  3. F
  4. F
  5. T
  6. F
  7. F
  8. F
  9. F
  10. F
Graphic, Teen Pregnancy
     "Teen Pregnancy" by Susanna, Age 15

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