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Vanessa BELL (1879 - 1961)
Clive BELL Duncan GRANT Julian BELL Quentin BELL Leslie STEPHEN James STEPHEN James STEPHEN Anna STENT Jane Catherine VENN Julia Prinsep STEPHEN Dr. John JACKSON Maria JACKSON James PATTLE Adeline PATTLE
Vanessa BELL
Six Generation Ancestors Table
b. 30 May 1879 at Hyde Park Gate
m. (1) 07 Feb 1907 Clive BELL (1881 - 1964)
+. (2) Duncan GRANT (1885 - 1978)
d. 1961 at Charleston aged 82
Cause of Death:
brief illness
Leslie STEPHEN (1832 - 1904)
Julia Prinsep STEPHEN (1846 - 1895)
Siblings (7):
George Herbert DUCKWORTH (1868 - 1934)
Stella DUCKWORTH (1869 - 1897)
Gerald de l'Etang DUCKWORTH (1870 - 1937)
Laura STEPHEN (1870 - 1945)
Thoby Prinsep STEPHEN (1880 - 1906)
Virginia WOOLF (1882 - 1941)
Adrian Leslie STEPHEN (1883 - 1948)
Children (3):
Julian BELL (1908 - 1937)
Quentin BELL (1910 - 1996)
Grandchildren (4):
Events in Vanessa BELL (1879 - 1961)'s life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
30 May 1879 Vanessa BELL was born Hyde Park Gate
1895 16 Death of mother Julia Prinsep STEPHEN (aged 49) Note 1
1904 25 Death of father Leslie STEPHEN (aged 72)
07 Feb 1907 27 Married Clive BELL (aged 26)
04 Feb 1908 28 Birth of son Julian BELL 46 Gordon Square
1910 31 Birth of son Quentin BELL
18 Jul 1937 58 Death of son Julian BELL (aged 29) Note 2
1961 82 Vanessa BELL died Charleston
Note 1: death was premature, devastated Leslie, had influenza less than 2 mo before death
Note 2: ambulance driver for Spanish Medical Aid in Spanish Civil War, wounded at Battle of Brunete, died in hospital of wounds
Personal Notes:
-Arthur Cope's School of Art in South Kensington (Hussey 21)
-accepted into the Painting School of the Royal Academy of Art (Hussey 22)

-has a miscarriage in April 1911 (Hussey xi)
-son Julian dies in July 1937

-"rivalrous, mutually demanding, and often critical intimacy" with Virginia (Lee 116)
-"There was something grim in their [Vanessa and Virginia] feeling for each other. Passages of estrangement and hostility strained their relationship" (Lee 116)
-Vanessa "mothered" Virginia and "used to rub her with scents and put her to bed" (Lee 117)
-"perceived by the others as the helpful, responsible one, truthful and honest to a fault, silent, grave, determined. She was in the burdensome position of the child in charge" (Lee 117)
-Virginia "valued above all her sister's calm honesty, her grave assumption of responsibility for the younger ones, her quiet unceasing benevolence, her practicality and her good sense" (Bell 23)
−"honest and forthright" (Bell 26)
−"too shy" to exhibit her work in Virginia's newspaper (Bell 28)
-As seen in her "almost maternal" care of Thoby--"shielding him from harm, sacrificing herself for his benefit and loving him tenderly--Vanessa seemed to be a "thorough Pattle...delighted to give" (Bell 23-24)

-Virginia found Vanessa often "unyielding and cold" (Lee 117)
-"Virginia was in love with her sister. And Vanessa depended on her more than she acknowledged" (Lee 117)

-"racially prejudiced against, and critical of, Leonard" (Lee 117)
-"she was not only a married woman with a career but also one who entertained and established close friendships with such men at Lytton Strachey and others of the Bloomsbury Group" (Hussey 22)

-"At 18...now the 'woman' of the family, making the household arrangements and enduring Leslie's weekly inspection of the household accounts...In addition to her domestic duties, she pursued her vocation as an artist" (Webb 15)


-"...like the other Stephen children, she seems to have been prone to crippling depressions" (Hussey 21)
-"Vanessa's daughter, Angelica Garnett, has described her mother's intermittent bouts of deep depression, sometimes lasting two years; in 1894...Leslie Stephen reported that both Vanessa and her sister were 'seriously depressed'" (Hussey 21-22)

-had typhoid at the same time as Thoby, but she recovered as Thoby's condition worsened (Webb 26)



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