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Julia Prinsep STEPHEN (1846 - 1895)
Herbert DUCKWORTH Leslie STEPHEN George Herbert DUCKWORTH Stella DUCKWORTH Gerald de l Vanessa BELL Thoby Prinsep STEPHEN Virginia WOOLF Adrian Leslie STEPHEN Dr. John JACKSON Maria JACKSON James PATTLE Adeline PATTLE Ambrose Pierre ANTOINE Therese Blin de GRINCOURT
Julia Prinsep STEPHEN
Six Generation Ancestors Table
b. Jul 1846
m. (1) 04 May 1867 Herbert DUCKWORTH (1833 - 1870)
m. (2) 1879 Leslie STEPHEN (1832 - 1904)
d. 1895 aged 49
Cause of Death:
rheumatic fever
Dr. John JACKSON (1804 - 1887)
Maria JACKSON (1818 - 1892)
Siblings (2):
Adeline Maria VAUGHAN (1837 - 1881)
Mary Louisa FISHER (1840 - 1916)
Children (7):
George Herbert DUCKWORTH (1868 - 1934)
Stella DUCKWORTH (1869 - 1897)
Gerald de l'Etang DUCKWORTH (1870 - 1937)
Vanessa BELL (1879 - 1961)
Thoby Prinsep STEPHEN (1880 - 1906)
Virginia WOOLF (1882 - 1941)
Adrian Leslie STEPHEN (1883 - 1948)
Grandchildren (5):
Julian BELL (1908 - 1937), Quentin BELL (1910 - 1996)
Events in Julia Prinsep STEPHEN (1846 - 1895)'s life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
Jul 1846 Julia Prinsep STEPHEN was born
04 May 1867 20 Married Herbert DUCKWORTH (aged 34)
1868 22 Birth of son George Herbert DUCKWORTH
1869 23 Birth of daughter Stella DUCKWORTH
1870 24 Birth of son Gerald de l'Etang DUCKWORTH
1870 24 Death of husband Herbert DUCKWORTH (aged 37) Note 1
1879 33 Married Leslie STEPHEN (aged 47)
30 May 1879 32 Birth of daughter Vanessa BELL Hyde Park Gate
1880 34 Birth of son Thoby Prinsep STEPHEN
25 Jan 1882 35 Birth of daughter Virginia WOOLF 22 Hyde Park Gate, London, England
1883 37 Birth of son Adrian Leslie STEPHEN
1887 41 Death of father Dr. John JACKSON (aged 83)
1892 46 Death of mother Maria JACKSON (aged 74)
1895 49 Julia Prinsep STEPHEN died Note 2
Note 1: "stretched to pick a fig, burst an abscess, and died shortly afterword" (Hussey 76)
Note 2: death was premature, devastated Leslie, had influenza less than 2 mo before death
Personal Notes:



-"Decisive, conservative, and pragmatic" (Lee 83)
-"her wit could be almost shocking" (Bell 18)
-"She seems to have been reticent and aloof" (Lee 81)
-"Leslie complained bitterly that she sacrificed herself too much" (Lee 93)

-"In dealing with her own children she had a hasty temper" (Bell 26)
-"did not venture into what was called 'high society;' in fact they lived very quietly, although Julia had her 'Sunday Afternoons' when a visitor might encounter a part of the intellectual society of London" (Bell 21)
-"she spread herself thinly between a great many people: husband first, eight children, hypochondriac mother, aunts, sister, sister's family, brother-in-law's family, endless further relatives, friends, the sick and the poor" (Lee 81)
−"literary tributes were paid to Julia Stephen ,but she was not a public person" (Lee 83)
−"she was a woman who believed in working for good, in a practical way, in her immediate domestic circle and through benevolent institutions. She seems to have fully endorsed the Victorian models for female behavior...She was opposed to female suffrage and thought women should only be educated for domestic careers" (Lee 85)
-"was perhaps the most beautiful of Mrs Jackson's daughters, the one most intimately connected with the Little Holland House circle. Her effect upon the Pre-Raphaelites was notable..." (Bell 17)

-"Spread herself thinly between a great many people" (Lee 81)
-"She turned herself into a deathbed attendant, the person of whom it would always be said (as Leslie said to her): 'If I were dying I should long to have you by my side'" (Lee 93)
-"commitment to duty" (Lee 92)- taking care of her mother


-"She lost her faith and her capacity for happiness" (Lee 93) after Herbert's death
-said to Julia Margaret Cameron after Herbert's death "Oh aunt Julia only pray God that I may die soon, that is what I most want" (Lee 93)
-"chronic grief" after Herbert's death; "all life seemed a shipwreck" and "her despair was complete" (Bell 13)

-case of influenza less than 2 months before her death (Webb 14)

-none known
-James Pattle, her grandfather, was an alcoholic (Lee 87)

-none known

-agnostic: "Leslie's writings on agnosticism were a powerful influence on her in the years of her bereavement" (Lee 93).
-"came from an artistic family" (Webb 9)
-"opposed to women's rights" (Webb 11)
-meant to stop their family after Thoby, but "contraception was a very imperfect art in the nineteenth century" and thus Virginia was born "less
than eighteen months later" (Bell 18)
-"Julia and her family were, socially, a little better than the Stephens" (Bell 20)
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