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Event Space Reservation Information

Reserving a Space for your event

Spaces in King/Scales 
Students may reserve the living rooms and study rooms may for meetings (which may include meals). To reserve one of these meeting rooms, contact Michele Bala at

Important note: Be sure to leave any spaces you use neat and clean. When meetings take place in living rooms and study rooms, please pick up your meal in the dining room and carry it to your meeting place. When you are done, return all dishes to the designated area in the dining room.

Reserving Seelye Hall
All requests for space in Seelye Hall must be made by contacting Laura Ramos, Registrar Specialist - Faculty Support and Systems, at

Other Spaces on Campus
If you are not using King/Scales, you will need to reserve your space through 25Live.

Important Reminders about 25Live
(please read very carefully)

  • Use Chrome or Firefox to access 25Live. (Do not use Internet Explorer.)
  • When creating your event, select “SSW - SSW Student” as the “organization.” This ensures your event will be included in the SSW calendar.
  • Under “Event Type,” you must list one of the following “categories” in your space reservation in order for your event to show up on the SSW Calendar: Breakfast, Ceremony, Colloquium, Dinner, Fair, Film, Lecture, Lunch, Meeting, Orientation, Panel Discussion, Reception, SSW Class, Seminar, Social Gathering, or Workshop.
  • If you need to change the date, time, or location in your space reservation once it has already been confirmed, you should contact the scheduler in Events Management by replying to your e-mail confirmation. Once your space reservation has been confirmed via e-mail from the Events Management Office, you will no longer be able to change the “category.”
  • For Technical Assistance at your event, choose the “resource” labeled “Technician Help Start.”
  • Please note that some spaces on campus are restricted and unavailable for use during the summer.

Space Reservation Policies

  • All requests for spaces (other than King/Scales) must be submitted via 25Live.
  • You will receive a space confirmation within 2 business days. Please note: a reservation is not guaranteed and will not be complete until a confirmation is sent. ALL services (specific equipment, set-ups, staffing, etc.) must be requested 2 weeks before the event.
  • Do not leave Smith College AV equipment or supplies unattended.
  • Food is NOT allowed in classrooms.  If you plan to have food at your event, please reserve a space other than a classroom.
  • Those who use the space are responsible for leaving the room clean and neat.

Other Important Event Information

  • To have your event publicized in the SSW Buzz, be sure to provide your event information on the SSW Buzz submission page. Please do not submit to The Buzz until you have received your event confirmation e-mail from the Events Management Office.
  • For information about classroom spaces, such as maximum capacity and technical capabilities, go to Classroom Spaces.
  • Food at events: SSW community members may hire their choice of outside caterer or bring in food for events held in on-campus venues/spaces, with the exception of the Conference Center, the Alumnae House, and the Campus Center. 

—For events held at the Conference Center, members of the SSW community can use any outside caterer as long as the caterer is insured.

—For events held at the Alumnae House, members of the SSW community can only work with the venue's approved list of outside caterers.

—For events held at the Campus Center,  you must request food through the Smith College catering department. If the catering department cannot fulfill a specific request, they will then give permission to the event organizer(s) to work with another vendor. All catering requests for the Campus Center must be sent directly to Patty Hentz, Manager of Retail & Catering Dining Services at

—For the Smith College catering department's policies, menus, and costs, visit Dining Services’ Catering page.

If you encounter a problem or if there is an urgent issue, please contact Madelyn Neely at 413-585-7983 or