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Our goal is to provide Smith students, faculty, staff, and administrators with information services that support and enhance all aspects of college life.

Service Alerts and Updates
Service Alerts

International Calling Issues Resolved (Friday 2/16 10:40 am) -The international calling issues experienced earlier today have been resolved. If you continue to experience issues, but contact IT User Support.

Outbound Dialing Prefix change - ITS is changing the dialing prefix number for off-campus calls made from campus telephones to 8 rather than 9. This change will help reduce the number of misdials from campus phones to emergency services (911). As of January 18, 2024, all outbound calls will need to be preceded by 8. This change applies to any off-campus call, including toll-free, local, domestic long distance and international calling. It does not apply to direct dialing of campus extensions.

Printing Upgrade Completed - ITS has completed the upgrade of the college's printing software and the deployment of the new Toshiba multi-function devices (MFDs). To learn more about the new MFDs, check out this Toshiba MFD Overview recorded session with one of our Toshiba representatives. (Note: You must be logged in to your Smith account to view the recording.) As you get acclimated to the new MFDs and access printers from your Smith-assigned computers, we want to remind you of the following: 

FollowMe Printing Updated FollowMe print queues are available as printer options on all Smith-assigned computers. 

  • Select FollowMe-MFD to print to the new Toshiba MFDs
  • Select FollowMe-BW and FollowMe-Color queues to print to corresponding HP LaserJet network printers. 

If you experience issues with FollowMe printing, please follow the steps to reinstall the updated FollowMe printing queue.

Direct Printing If you wish to direct print, you will need to install the updated direct printing queue for the device(s) to which you wish to print. This process takes less than 2 minutes. Direct printing queues are available for most Toshiba MFDs and existing HP LaserJet printers.

For assistance, or if you experience issues, please contact ITS User support at ext 4487 (413-585-4487) or

Release of New macOS Sonoma (Version 14.0), Nov 16, 2023 - No incompatibilities between the newest macOS 14 Sonoma and Smith systems have been found. Faculty, staff, and students who wish to upgrade their Smith-assigned computers may do so. (Classroom, lab, and library computers will remain on macOS Ventura through Spring/Summer 2024.) Before applying any updates, always remember to back up important files and allocate adequate time for the updates to complete.

ITS User Support - User Support is now located in Seelye Hall B8 (basement level). Smith community members should go to the new ITS User Support Center in Seelye Basement (B8) for walk-in support for the following services: OneCards, Smith account assistance, Duo support, computer support and troubleshooting, general technical support, and equipment repair drop-off. (Note that repair pick-up is in Stoddard 203). Hours will remain the same as before. To make an appointment for a technology consultation at the new location, please write In addition to visiting us in person in Seelye B8, users are always welcome to submit email and phone support requests by writing and calling extension x4487 (413-585-4487).

Digital Support - To enter requests for technology-related support, please go to the Digital Support for the Smith Community website or email