5 ON VIEW DISLOCATION DISLOCATION/URBAN EXPERIENCE: CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHS FROM EAST ASIA OCTOBER 9, 2015–JANUARY 31, 2016 DISLOCATION/NEGOTIATING IDENTITY: CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHS FROM SOUTH AND SOUTHEAST ASIA FEBRUARY 12–AUGUST 14, 2016 RELATED PROGRAMS Maggie Newey, associate director for academic programs and public education, served as the lead educator and program organizer for the Dislocation exhibitions. Program co-organizers included Yao Wu, Jane Chace Carroll Curator of Asian Art; Charlene Shang Miller, associate educator for academic programs; Gina Hall, Emma Cantrell, and Louise Martindell ’02. Exhibition curators Samuel Morse and Aprile Gallant, and project advisor Sandra Matthews, participated in the planning and presentation of several programs offered in connection with these shows. DISLOCATION/URBAN EXPERIENCE OCTOBER 9, 2015–JANUARY 31, 2016 October 9, 2015 SECOND FRIDAYS FUN! Hands-on artmaking activity: Marvelous Megacities October 24, 2015 FAMILY WEEKEND: FACULTY INSIGHTS Yola Monakhov-Stockton, Smith College Harnish Visiting Artist, discussed exhibition highlights November 5, 2015 FACULTY CONVERSATION: URBAN EXPERIENCE IN CONTEMPORARY EAST ASIA An interdisciplinary conversation about the exhibition moderated by curator Samuel Morse December 9, 2015 MEMBERS’ GALLERY TALK: Celebrating the inaugural exhibition in the Carol T. Christ Asian Art Gallery, with Samuel Morse DISLOCATION/NEGOTIATING IDENTITY FEBRUARY 12–AUGUST 14, 2016 February 10, 2016 MEMBERS’ PREVIEW with Sandra Matthews, exhibition project advisor and associate professor emerita of film and photography at Hampshire College; editor of Trans–Asia Photography Review February 24, 2016 LUNCH AND CONVERSATION FOR PHOTOGRAPHY FACULTY Led by Aprile Gallant, exhibition curator; and Sandra Matthews May 13, 2016 PUBLIC GALLERY TALK co-led by project advisor Sandra Matthews and Andy Rotman, Professor of Religion; Buddhist Studies Concentration; and South Asian Concentration. This program explored different disciplinary perspectives on the exhibition, its artists and their subjects. CLASS VISITS ARH 278: History of Photography Faculty: Anna Lee ENV 311: Environmental Science and Policy: Interpreting and Communicating Information Faculty: Leslie King Amherst College: ARHA–251: Contemporary Art Since 1960 Faculty: Brianne Cohen UMass Amherst: ART 383: Modern and Contemporary Chinese Art Faculty: Christine Ho SOC 232: World Population Faculty: Leslie King HST270: Oral History and Lesbian Subjects Faculty: Kelly Anderson Amherst College: ARHA–252: Contemporary Art Since 1989 Faculty: Brianne Cohen ART 280: Imaging and Imagining the Unseen Through Photography Faculty: Anna Lee Springfield Technical Community College: Photography Faculty: Sondra Peron