10 GIFTS & PURCHASES OF ART PHOTOGRAPHS BALTERMANTS, Dmitri. Russian, 1912–90 Seventeen photographs (printed 2003) Baling sugarcane, Cuba, n.d. Chinese actor in the dressing room, n.d. Crowd hailing visit of Voroshilov and Sukarno, city of Surakarta, Indonesia, n.d. Gypsy tightrope walker, Armenia, n.d. Khrushchev among the people, n.d. Mao applauding, n.d. “Stand Until Death” WW‑II monument, Mamayev Memorial, Volgograd, n.d. Students at work, n.d. Wash‑up time at the school, China, n.d. Celebration of Stalin in the Bolshoi Theater, 1948 Accordion lesson at the kindergarten, Beijing, 1955 Agrarian reform comes to the town of Tai–Shop, Vietnam, 1955 Movie night, Vietnam, 1955 A sea of hats, military officers, China, 1957 Kindergarteners, Anshan City, China, 1957 Marketplace scene, China, 1957 Mishka the Space Dog is being dressed, while Tsyganka the other Space Dog is already Dressed, 1960 Gelatin silver prints Gift of Nicole Moretti Ungar, class of 1982, and Jon Ungar ROTHSTEIN, Arthur. American, 1915–85 Thirty–six photographs Plow partially buried in the sand, n.d. Revival meeting, Cambria, Illinois, n.d Swimming pool, Pittsburgh, PA, n.d Post office, Nethers, Virginia, 1935 Postmaster Brown, Old Rag, Virginia, 1935 Sharecropper’s wife, Arkansas, 1935 Dust storm, Cimarron County, Oklahoma, 1936 Garrett County, Maryland, 1936 Migrant to Oregon from South Dakota, 1936 Oklahoma migrants, 1936 Weighing cotton, Texas, 1936 Wives of farm laborers, Columbus, Kansas, 1936 County, New York, 1937 Girl at Gee’s Bend, Alabama, 1937 John Dudeck, Dalton, New York, 1937 Large family, Gee’s Bend, Alabama, 1937 Steel worker, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1937 The company store, Ensley, Alabama, 1937 Flood refugee, Missouri, 1938 Iowa State Fair, Des Moines, Iowa, 1938 Rural school, Alabama, 1938 Wife and child of sub‑marginal farmer at their window decorated for Christmas, Oswego Rancher, Montana, 1938 Agate, Nebraska, 1939 Farmer and Wife, Kersey, Colorado, 1939 Last day of school, Bucoda, Missouri, 1939 Unemployed youth (Saturday night), Birmingham, Alabama, 1940 (ABOVE) TVA Workers, Fort Loudon Dam, Tennessee, 1942 Mississippi River Flood, 1943 Boy with chicken, Hungjao, China, 1945 Refugees from Europe arrive in New York City, 1946 Young coal miner, Wales, 1947 Reenactment of “Washington Crossing the Delaware,” Washington’s Crossing, PA, 1952 Demonstration on Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C., 1967 Democratic Convention, Chicago, IL, 1968 Eugene and Carol Trudeau, New Sharon, Maine, 1975 Teacher prepares student for a school play, P.S.94, Bronx, N.Y., 1982 Gelatin silver prints Gift of Nicole Moretti Ungar, class of 1982, and Jon Ungar