4 CLASS VISITS Many Smith and Five College classes visited Women’s Work. Here’s a partial list. SWG 204: This Bridge Called My Back: Women of Color Cultural Production Faculty: Juliana Hu Pegues ART 281: Modern, Postmodern, Contemporary Faculty: Frazer Ward MUX 118: The History and Critical Issues of Museums Faculty: Maggie Newey FYS 179: Rebellious Women Faculty: Kelly Anderson EDC 232: The American Middle School and High School Faculty: Carol Berner Hampshire College: Globalizing Contemporary Art Faculty: Alex Dika Seggermann ARH 268: The Artist’s Book in the 20th Century Art of the Book Faculty: Meredith Broberg WOMEN’S WORK RESOURCE AREA AT HILLYER ART LIBRARY Fall 2015 In conjunction with the exhibition, Barbara Polowy, Head of Hillyer Art Library, created a research guide and several virtual-browse collections available online. TEACHER WORKSHOP: ART HERstory November 3, 2015 Grades K–12 art, history and language arts teachers explored how artists in the exhibition addressed feminist issues. Participants took part in guided conversations with guest speakers, curators and museum educators and focused on age–appropriate strategies for engaging students with contemporary art. Curricular materials to support in-gallery and classroom learning were provided. ABOVE: Visitors viewing artworks by Martha Wilson in Women’s Work