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Registered Devices is a secure wireless network that can be used to connect many types of wireless devices to the Smith network, including gaming systems, and screen-casting devices like Roku, Chromecast, and AppleTV.

Please note: We cannot guarantee that all devices that use network discovery for sharing will work on the Smith network. Also, since the technology these devices use may change from version to version, some devices of the same type may work, while others do not.

Wireless Printers: ITS does not support the use of personal wireless printers. If you have purchased a printer for your office or dorm room, we recommend that you connect it directly to our computer using a USB cable.

Connecting your device to Registered Devices:

  1. Before you begin, you must obtain the MAC address of your device. You may need to turn on the device and navigate to networking settings to find the MAC address, or it may be printed on a label or packaging for the device. If you cannot locate the MAC address, do a Google search on how to find the MAC address for your device.

  2. From any device on the Smith network, open a browser and go to (If typing the URL, make sure to go to the guest page by entering the entire URL including "/guest")

  3. Log in with your Smith network username and password.

    Important: Do not let anyone else register your device under their username. If you are registering a device that you plan to access from a computer or phone (like an AppleTV or Roku), you must register it yourself.  In addition, the computer, phone, or tablet you use to access the device must also be logged into Eduroam as YOU.  That's because device discovery works by ownership and the owners must match.

  4. Follow the instructions below to complete the registration form:

    1. Device Name: Optional but recommended. We suggest using your name plus the type of device, e.g. Paula's Apple TV.

    2. Device Type: Optional but recommended.

    3. MAC address: Required. The MAC address (sometimes called Physical Location) consists of 12 characters in 6 pairs of 2.  
    4. Make sure there is a check mark beside Enable AirGroup.

    5. When you have completed all fields, click Create Device.

    6. In the next window, you will see: The device was successfully created.

  5. On device itself, select the RegisteredDevices network or SSID.

  6. When prompted for a Shared Access Key, enter: juliachild

Registration is now permanent for your device, and it should connect properly going forward.

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