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The Ideal Girl:
Teen Lesbians and Bisexuals
 by Natasha
 Age 16

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Photo of Natasha
     Natasha, Age 16

    Web page Editor: Margit, 16

  My name is Natasha (age 16), and I live in the Bronx (N.Y). I choose to write about this topic because I have friends who are lesbians, and I feel that we all should be more open-minded. I always hear people saying negative things against gays, and I wanted to create more awareness with this webpage. I hope that my information will inspire you to effect a change in something that you feel strongly about.

By: Tracy, 16

spacerI wrote this poem the day before my 14th birthday. That was the day my parents found out that I was a lesbian. I had been surfing the net looking for information on whether or not Hawaii had passed a same-sex marriage law. (Unfortunately, they hadn't passed one.) My dad saw what I was looking at and asked me about it. I became scared of how he might react and ran to my room. My mother came in and demanded that I tell her why I was upset and what my father had been asking about. That is when I came out to her. She said a lot of things out of ignorance, fear, and confusion. She told me I was too young to know I was gay and that it was "just a phase." She asked me what she had done wrong and if my sister, 8 years old at the time, would also be gay. This upset me very much. Finally she left my room. This incident inspired me to write this poem. Even though I was very frustrated and mad at my mom, I know that she still loves me, and didn't intend to hurt me. This happened almost three years ago. Since then my mother and I have been able to talk more about my sexuality. My father has also been fairly accepting about it. I am very lucky that my parents reacted somewhat positively when I came out to them. Many other people are not so lucky. I hope that by sharing my story other people struggling with coming out to family and friends would be able to come out with more confidence and feel that they are not alone.

Who I Am

I know who I am
Others try to tell me
And show me
But they don't understand
But I do

Some say I don't
That I couldn't possibly
At my age
Know who am I
But how can they?
They aren't me
They don't feel what I feel

I know who I am
And what I want
Who I want
How things are
And how things should be
They don't know these things
But I do - I know who I am

Teen Lesbians and Bisexuals, graphic
   "Sexual Orientation" by Natasha 16


Your teenage years can be extremely confusing for you in these times. You have to think about your future, and how to be a more responsible person. Also, your parents probably argue with you about curfew, not to mention the fact that society tries constantly to define your morals for you. The questions of life tend to wear you down dreadfully. You may begin to question your sexuality, and you may discover that you are a lesbian or bisexual.

Homosexuality is defined as romantic and sexual feelings for persons of the same gender. Bisexuality refers to an intimate bond in both mind and body with people of both genders. The thought of being a lesbian or bisexual can be a joyous thing, but in the beginning it can be a scary experience.

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