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Invited Speakers

Edward Brown, MSU, Symmetry Energy in Astrophysics.

Franco Camera, Milano, Symmetry Energy from Pigmy Dipole and Giant Resonances.

Zbigniew Chajecki, MSU, Asymmetry from np Correlations.

Gargi Chaudhuri, Kolkata, Symmetry Energy from Fragment Observables in the Canonical Thermodynamic Model.

Mariell Chartier, Liverpool, Future Studies of the Symmetry Energy with the R3B experiment at FAIR.

Daniel Coupland, MSU, Constraints on the Nuclear Symmetry Energy from Transport Equations.

Stefano Gondolfi, LANL, Quantum Monte Carlo Study of Inhomogeneous Neutron Matter and Neutron Stars.

Byungsik Hong, Korea, Plan for LAMPS at KoRIA.

TadaAki Isobe, RIKEN, Overview of Samurai/TPC Project.

Che Ming Ko, TAMU, Pion Production in Transport Models.

Zach Kohley. TAMU, Fragment Flows in the Fermi Energy Regime.

Kei Kotake, Mitaka, Japan, Multidimensional Supernovae Simulations with a Concentration on Equation of State.

Roy Lemmon, Daresbury Lab, Symmetry Energy from Elliptic Flows in 197Au+197Au Reactions.

Bao-An Li, TAMU, Incomplete Overview of Theoretical Studies on Nuclear Symmetry Energy.

William Lynch, MSU, Overview of Experimental Symmetry Energy Investigations.

Peter Moller, Los Alamos, Equation of State Parameters from FRDM Mass Model.

Tetsuya Murakami, Kyoto, HIMAC Pion Experiment and Pb Isotope Radius Measurements, Pion Ratios and ESYM.

William Newton, TAMU-Commerce, The Neutron Star Inner Crust: Symmetry Energy Dependence of Observable Properties.

Li Ou, TAMU, Effects of n-p Mass Splitting on Symmetry Energy.

Adriana Raduta, Bucharest, Neutron Star-Crust Structure and Symmetry Energy.

Seamus Riordan, UMass Amherst, Status of PREX Experiment.

Xavier Roca-Maza, Milano, The Dipole Strength: Microscopic Properties and Correlations with the Symmetry Energy and the Neutron Skin Thickness.

Paolo Russotto, Catania, ASY-EOS Experiment.

Irina Sagert, MSU, Nuclear Equation of State from Neutron Stars and Collapsed Supernovae.

Cedric Simenel, Saclay, Isospin Equilibrations in Heavy Ion Collisions.

Andrew Steiner, MSU, The Equation of State from Observed Masses and Radii of Neutron Stars.

Jirina Stone, Oxford, Symmetry Energy from the Skyrme Interaction.

Giuseppe Verde, Catania, Symmetry Energy in Dynamics at the LNS; Status and Perspectives.

Isaac Vidana, Coimbra, Portugal, Symmetry Energy within the BHF Approach.

Maria Voskresenskaya, GSI, Clusters in the Low Density Nuclear Matter and EOS.

Hermann Wolter, Munich, Symmetry Energy at Subsaturation and Supersaturation Densities in Heavy Ion Collisions.

Sherry Yennello, TAMU, Future Perspective on Symmetry Energy Investigations.

Zhigang Xiao, Beijing, Symmetry Energy Constraints at Suprasaturation Density at CSR Lauzhou.