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Setting up a Smith Owned Computer to print to an MFD or HP Printer

ITS now uses a print management system called PaperCut. All Xerox Multi Function Devices (MFD) and many HP printers have been moved to the Windows print server. Follow the instructions below to install the devices on your Smith owned computer. The naming structure for devices is Building-room number/floor -M for MFD, -P for printer, -C for color printer. Examples, LILLY-1st-M, TRY-220-P, STOD-101-C.

Remove old drivers: You should remove the old Xerox MFDs and any HP printers that have been moved to the new server from your devices as they will not work.

  • Windows 10 Users: Click on the Windows Icon, click on the Gear Icon. Click on Devices. Click on Printers & Scanners. Delete any old Xerox, MFD entries and any printer this is being upgraded.

  • Mac Users: Remove any old Xerox, MFD entries. Click the Apple, System Preferences, Printers & Scanners.

Direct Print: Direct print jobs will be released automatically to the Xerox MFD or HP printers you have installed.

  1. Windows 10 Users: Click the Search Windows Icon in the taskbar, in the search field type \\ps1 or \\ps2 that corresponds to your building and server.

  2. Locate your department MFD or HP printer

  3. Double click on each device and wait for the driver and installation to complete, DO NOT double click multiple times, WAIT for the installer window to pop up, it may take a few minutes.

Mac Users On Smith Owned Devices:

  1. Open the Applications Folder, then look for the Self Service Application*

  2. Open Self Service. From the Categories on the right, select Printers. A few depatment are directly listed.

  3. Find your department/location MFD or HP Printer and click "Install"

  4. This will install both the MFD/HP printer and Driver

*If you do not have the Self Service Application within your Applications folder, then follow these instructions to install it.

  1. Open a Browser and go to

  2. This will initiate a download called QuickAdd, unzip the download and install the .pkg

    Note:If you receive and error message or application does not open, you may have too old of an operating system. Please call ITSC at 585-4487 for further instructions.

  3. When you are done with the install you will have Self Service. Go back to the steps above to install the printer

This process will NOT work from off campus without VPN


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