Many thanks to:

Marjorie Senechal
Professor of Mathematics and
Director of the Program in the History of the Sciences

who made it all possible by daring to do
something no one had ever done before

Greg Young
Director of the Clark Science Center Machine Shop

for his unerring advice and
many hours of patient assistance


Stan Sherer
whose expert photography has allowed us
to present the oddest of items as works of art

Students in the Ancient Inventions course researched, constructed and explained all of the itemson display.
Those who took the course in 1997 are listed below; the (much larger) 1998 class will be added to this list as soon as we have time.

*******, The Warp-Weighted Loom
Elizabeth Abram, '00: Roman-Style Fresco
Lori-Ann Austin, AC'00: Toys
Natasha Baker, '01: Candles
Anne-Sinclair Beauchamp, '01: ShipShaker
Kristy Beauchesne, '97: Heron's Coin-Operated Holy Water Dispenser
Niki Bennett, '00: Heron's Coin-Operated Holy Water Dispenser
Mara Bishop, '00: Egyptian Tumbler Lock
Laura Brandt, '01: Candles
Erika Budde, '00: Seismograph
Kelly Buffington, '01: Eyeliner
Amanda Payne Burton, '97: Egyptian Tumbler Lock
Joanne Chang, '99: Decoder
Mindy Cohen, '99: Egyptian Cosmetics and Perfumes
Abby Colwell, '97: Stone-Hurling Catapult
Stacey Cooney, '00: Keelbreaker
Dierdre Crane: Trepanation Kit
Allison Crawford, '98: Chaldean Sundial
Danielle Downes, '00: Battery
Laura Duch, '98: Glass
Sun Eoh, '97: Stone-Hurling Catapult
Karen Fisher, AC: Steam Engine
Amanda Fox, '00: Heron's Thunder-Making Machine
Kathryn Gerry, '99: String Skirt
Tanja Gohlert, '00: Cuneiform Cylinder Seal
Meghan Halpern, '97: Stone-Hurling Catapult
Christine Hanna, '99: Artifact
Adrien Hansel, '98: Mumu
Evangeline Heiliger, '00: Cloth
Ann Hellmold, '01: Potter's Wheel
Jamie Humphrey, '98: Stained Glass
Beverly Jones, '97: Sumerian Harp
Jean Kahler, '00: Castille Olive Oil Soap
Jolly Killmer, '97: Chelys-Lyra
Vanessa King, '99: Heron's Coin-Operated Holy Water Dispenser
Bonnie L. Krueger: Coiled Ceramics
Shelia M. Kyte, '00: Heron's Self-Moving Stand
Kristen Lindberg, '98: Siege
Lei Liu, '98: Chaldean Sundial
Meredith Matthews, '01J: Distaff
Amy Mays, '00: Artifact
Kate McCloskey, '97: Aztec Calendar Wheels
Ava Meyerhoff, '99: Battery
Susanna Morgan, '98: Stool
Ae-Ree Nam, '99: Trebuchet
Madeline Nemeth, '99: Model Pompeian House
Emily Nichols, '00: Crossbow
Swan Park, '01: Trebuchet
Linda Phelps, AC: Stained Glass
Martha Plotz, '01: Arches
Amanda Richmond, '98: Abacus
Judith Roberts, AC: Hoe
Stacey Rolland, '00: Sumerian Bull Lyre
Leyra Ryan, '00: Abacus
Elizabeth Schott, '99: Roman Forceps
Nisha Shah, '01: Trebuchet
Kate Shea, '98: Stone-Hurling Catapult
Alena Shumway, '00: Castille Olive Oil Soap
Kristin Shutts, '99: ShipShaker
Susan Silverman, AC: Compass
Anna-Maria Soellner, '98: Decoder
Meagan Stefanow, '98: Drum
Eliana Sugarman, '98: Siege
Elaine Totman, AC: Archimedes' Screw
Liz Tuohy-Sheen, '97: Archimedes' Screw
Dawn Turek, '00: Lighthouse
Meredith Walsh, '00: Frame Harp
Dara Weinerman, '00: Keelbreaker
Christine Wraga, '00: Lighthouse
Carole Zakrzewski, '00: Candles

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