Woven Cloth, Worldwide, 7000 BCE

by Evangeline M Heiliger '00

The warp-weighted loom has been used since about 7000 BCE It is not a specialized loom and can be used to weave many things, including blankets and clothing. The most commonly used materials for weaving on a warp-weighted loom are wool, linen and hemp.

The earliest woolen cloths found in Scandinavia are quite rough and irregular, but cloths dating from the Roman Ages are much finer and closely woven. The more regular cloth has a plain twill weave, or a variation of twill, the broken lozenge pattern. However, the warp-weighted loom can be used to weave intricate designs of stripes, diamonds, and even animals. It is very versatile in its uses.

These two pieces have woolen warp and weft. The starting borders are card-woven, and one has card-woven selvages. (The card-woven selvage provides for a neater edge than that done freehand)

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