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Student Liaisons

Student liaisons are your connection to the SWG faculty and the program in general. Contact them with general questions, ideas about teas you might like to organize, faculty readings, movie nights, or anything else on your mind.

Lucinda Klarich-Kahn '15 Send E-mail

Lucinda is a SWG major with an additional concentration in Community Engagement & Social Change. Her focus is in Women, Race, and Culture. Her hobbies include tea drinking and reading, probably because she is from Oregon, but ironically she does not like the rain.She also helps run Feminists of Smith Unite!, is a Community Fellow for Arise for Social Justice, and participates in a social justice peer educational theatre troupe. She is focusing her studies on the infrastructural disenfranchisement of minority communities.


Sydney Sadur '14 Send E-mail

Sydney is a double major in SWG and Government, focusing in social and political thought/action and American government respectively. Sydney is from Long Island, New York and is the Vice President of Gillett. They are primarily interested in gender and the law, anti-discrimination policy, and the LGBTQ movements. They used Praxis to intern at Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders in Boston this past summer when the Supreme Court struck down DOMA. Sydney loves to discuss social justice, Jewish Studies, Harry Potter, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.



Rebecca Lee '15 Send E-mail

Rebecca is a SWG major, an English minor, and a Poetry concentrator. Her focus within SWG is on women, race, and culture. She is from Claremont, California and lives in Jordan House. Rebecca is primarily interested in representations of women and queer people of color in the media, the histories of social movements and activism among women and QPOC, the social construction of race, and immigrant narratives-specifically Asian American women's experiences as part of the diaspora. She has been involved in many organizations on campus including the Bridge Program, Prism: Queer Students of Color (co-chair 2012-2013);Weaving Voices, a grassroots organization that creates spaces for students of color to share experiences through art; and Q&A, an organization that advocates the accessibility of Smith to trans women.

Grace Ramsay '16 Send E-mail

Grace is a sophomore who just declared her SWG major. She spent this summer at the ACLU's LGBT/AIDS project in New York, and was involved in the ACLU's most recent same-sex marriage initiatives. She is interested in attending law school after Smith.



Elli Palmer '16 Send E-mail

Elli Palmer,SWG major possible History minor. Her passion lies in heath and reproductive issues. She is actively involved in Q&A, a student group that is organizing for accessibility to Smith for trans* women, on campus. Elli wants to use her study of women's and LGBTQIA history to enact further change through education, and believes that access to full and unbiased health information and care can be a powerful tool.

Kaitlin Clark Hackbarth ‘15 Send E-mail

Kaitlin is an English and SWG double major, and an Archives concentrator. Within SWG, her thematic focus is in forms of political/social/economic thought/action/organization. She hails from the great state of New Jersey, and the great House of Martha Wilson. Academically, she is interested in reproductive justice and the role of archives in social movements and activism. In the Fall 2013, she began working as a Quigley fellow with Carrie Baker, transcribing interviews conducted by Professor Baker during the writing of her book on sexual harassment. In Spring 2014, she plans to study abroad in England. When not singing the praises of the SWG department, Kaitlin enjoys watching The Newsroom and The West Wing, pining for the Shiba Inu she watches at home, and speaking in the first person.

Sami Cunningham '14 Send E-mail

Sami is a SWG major and Government minor with a concentration in Community Engagement & Social Change. She's from Nelson County, Virginia and is interested in supporting all conservation efforts to protect places as beautiful as the Blue Ridge Mountains. She's available to talk about studying SWG in South America! She is interested in issues of (mis)representation in popular culture, social and emotional learning in public education, and all forms of accessibility to care. Her hobbies are running,green tea, wasting time, art stuff, and trying to convince Neilson to promote coconut water. She's also syked about Smith's radio station, WOZQ 91.9, and thinks you should be too.


Yanjanani Kalaya '15 Send E-mail

My name is Yanjanani Kalaya, a SWG major with a concentration in Literature, also intending to declare a second major in Comparative Literature. I am from Malawi. My interests particularly lie in presentations of women in Literature, which will be complemented by the Quigley Research I will be doing in the spring focusing on Shakespeare's women. Over the summer I worked with UN Women Malawi, and was involved in generating solutions for further economic emancipation for women as well as developing strategic steps to deal with Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV).

Kate Sumner ’14 Send E-mail

Kate Sumner ’14, double majors in SWG and history. As an archives concentrator, she spent last summer as the SWG Intern at the Sophia Smith Collection processing the editorial correspondence of Ms. magazine as well as the papers of the Reproductive Rights National Network. She’s interested in oral history, queer theory, and challenging dominant narratives. Currently, she has been spending most of her time researching and writing an honors thesis on the riot grrrl movement.

In her nonacademic life, she enjoys using outdated technology, stockpiling musical instruments, and participating in intentional communities. She is also available as a cat-sitter.

She welcome questions on life as a double major, how to have a non-normative study abroad experience, and the honors program.