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The Office of Disability Services works to ensure equal access for students, faculty, staff and visitors with disabilities to all programs and activities at Smith College. Facility and technology access, individual accommodations and services, along with educational programming are offered to help build an accessible and inclusive Smith College community.

Disability Services seeks to support students in developing skills, learning about resources, and gaining the confidence needed to maintain a balanced and independent lifestyle that is essential to meeting individual, career and life objectives. Smith's commitment to providing accommodations and services is balanced with a humanistic and developmental approach that requires student engagement and responsibiity in the accommodation process.

Approximately 370 undergraduate and graduate students with documented disabilities are registered with the office. These students add to the diversity at Smith by bringing unique strengths, talents, creativity, and experiences that enrich the Smith community.


Quick Links

Disability Visibility Event Submission Solicitation

Go here to learn about our April 3rd event and how to submit pieces to the event.

Contact Us

Laura Rauscher, Disability Services Director, has established open hours when students, staff or faculty may drop in without an appointment. Appointments can be made by calling (413) 585-2071 or by email to ODS@smith.edu.

Requests for Accommodations

Students must request accommodations and services via our new online request system or using the green accommodation request form.

School for Social Work Students

Disability information for students from the School for Social Work is available here.

ASSETS Program

ASSETS provides structured support for entering students with Disabilities that impact learning (such as learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, mental health concerns, etc) to smooth the transition from high school to college and to help them develop the independence, self-confidence and skills necessary for academic success. The ASSETS brochure (PDF) includes a registration form.

Disability Access Report

The 2007 report Disability Access and Inclusion at Smith College: Mission, Principles, Overview, and Priority Recommendations (PDF) was prepared by the Smith Disability Access Advisory Committee to advance an understanding of disability access and to help provide a framework for progress toward the Mission of Access and Inclusion.

ADA Quiz

Take our quiz (PDF) on rights and accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Weather Preparedness

Be prepared for inclement weather conditions, power outages and evacuations by creating a GO PACK.

Events and Meeting Access Guidelines

Events and Meeting Access Guidelines (PDF)

There are four essential requirements that should be addressed proactively to ensure that events are accessible.