Mortimer Rare Book Room

“What I wanted to do was to give the feeling of a vast tumult of life, as various & disorderly as possible, which should be cut short for a moment by the death, & go on again...” *

A handwritten copy of the letter from which this quote originates can be viewed at the online exhibition Woolf in the World: A Pen and a Press of Her Own, created by Karen Kukil, Associate Curator of Special Collections at the Mortimer Rare Book Room. Located in Neilson Library at Smith College, the Mortimer Rare Book Room is the repository of a wealth of primary source material relating to Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury Group, as well as other online exhibits including:

Leslie Stephen's Photograph Album
In this online exhibition, images from Leslie Stephen's photograph album are accompanied by descriptions and quotations from his memoir, the Mausoleum Book.

___References for this Section____

* Woolf in the World: A Pen and a Press of Her Own, Mortimer Rare Book Room. Case 5b: Lytton Strachey's Praise of The Voyage Out.