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James Fitzjames STEPHEN (1829 - 1894)
journalist, judge
Mary RICHENDA Herbert STEPHEN Katharine STEPHEN James "Jem" Kenneth Stephen Harry STEPHEN Helen STEPHEN Rosamond STEPHEN Dorothea Jane STEPHEN James STEPHEN James STEPHEN James STEPHEN Sibella MILNER Anna STENT Jane Catherine VENN
James Fitzjames STEPHEN
Six Generation Ancestors Table
b. 1829
m. Mary RICHENDA (1829 - 1912)
d. 1894 aged 65
James STEPHEN (1789 - 1859)
Jane Catherine VENN (1793 - 1875)
Siblings (3):
Herbert Venn STEPHEN (1822 - 1846)
Leslie STEPHEN (1832 - 1904)
Caroline Emelia STEPHEN (1834 - 1909)
Children (7):
Herbert STEPHEN (1856 - 1932)
Katharine STEPHEN (1856 - 1924)
James "Jem" Kenneth Stephen (1859 - 1892)
Harry STEPHEN (1860 - 1945)
Helen STEPHEN (1862 - 1908)
Rosamond STEPHEN (1868 - 1951)
Dorothea Jane STEPHEN (1871 - 1965)
Grandchildren (1):
James STEPHEN (1908 - )
Events in James Fitzjames STEPHEN (1829 - 1894)'s life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
1829 James Fitzjames STEPHEN was born
1856 27 Birth of son Herbert STEPHEN
26 Feb 1856 27 Birth of daughter Katharine STEPHEN 29 Westbourne Terrace in London
1859 30 Birth of son James "Jem" Kenneth Stephen
1859 30 Death of father James STEPHEN (aged 70) Note 1
1860 31 Birth of son Harry STEPHEN
1862 33 Birth of daughter Helen STEPHEN
1868 39 Birth of daughter Rosamond STEPHEN
1871 42 Birth of daughter Dorothea Jane STEPHEN
1875 46 Death of mother Jane Catherine VENN (aged 82)
1892 63 Death of son James "Jem" Kenneth Stephen (aged 33) Note 2
1894 65 James Fitzjames STEPHEN died
Note 1: "deteriorated rapidly" after James Kenneth's death, "dying two years later" (Hussey 266)
Note 2: died early in asylum after starving himself for three weeks (Hussey 266)
Personal Notes:

-had 6 kids

-"he was the domineering brother, at Eton the big brave bully who learnt that 'to be weak is wretched'" (Lee 62)
−"grew to be a big broad-shouldered fellow known to his playmates as 'Giant Grim' and well able to give blow for blow with anyone" (Bell 7)
−"tough, self-reliant, no-nonsense" (Bell 7)
−"a roaring, crushing, rampageous debater, packing a cruel punch in argument, chosen for the brightness of his intellect and his manifest intellectual integrity as a member of that arch-intellectual society, the 'Apostles'" (Bell 7)

-"stern, uncompromising" Stephen character "at its most unyielding" (Lee 62)
-"powerful, bulky figure sternly buttoned into a frock coat conducting Lady Stephen to church every Sunday morning, there to pay his respects to a being in which he had ceased to believe"(Bell 8)


-"blustering journalist, penalising judge and scourge of liberal opinion" (Lee 62)
-workaholic: Leslie said "he did a quantity which was appalling-and killed himself by it" (Lee 62)
-"constant preoccupation was with the vices that menaced society" (Bell 8)
-"hostility to feminism was notorious: he tangled in print with Millicent Fawcett and argued against John Stuart Mill over women's rights" (Lee 62)
-"disgraceful end to his career (he was asked to retire after a summing-up in which he said that an adulterous woman was likely to commit murder" (Lee 62)
"progressive reformer in the law" (Lee 62)


-"...the effects of a severe blow to the head, sustained in 1886 from a windmill-driven water-pump, were becoming steadily more evident in frequent periods of violent excitement and depression" (ODNB http://www.oxforddnb.com/view/article/26375?docPos=4).

-"in old age Fitzjames developed senile dementia and died a broken man, overcome by work and the tragic insanity and early death of his brilliant son James Kenneth Stephen" (Lee 62)



-none of his 4 daughters married, one son didn't marry until age 70, and his other son Harry had a son who had a severe breakdown (Lee 63)
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