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What graduates have to say about SIAMS

I feel that my grasp on the current challenges that museums are facing is much stronger.  I am now a more competitive applicant for any job at a museum, and I feel that during an interview I will be more prepared to have engaging conversations. 
Annick Benavides, 2010                        

I loved the shadow days!!!  I had an amazing time on both days and had the opportunity to meet two very different and inspirational people….I sat in on a meeting where the staff discussed the purchase of a map for one of the galleries, learned about the educational programs to get students and classes involved in the museum, and helped design the layout for a glass cabinet filled with ancient Greek and Roman objects….
Alyssa Anker, 2010

When I came to this program I didn’t know much about the museum world.  What drew me to SIAMS was the opportunity to learn about every aspect of art museums and the professional opportunities they entail, so my goal was simply to learn as much as possible.  Even if I only learned one thing through this program I would have achieved that goal, but I have learned so much more than even I anticipated.  I feel like I could explain a museum from the ground up, starting with floor plans, going through construction, and detailing developing collections, staff, and programming. This has been an amazing experience that has taught me so much about art museums and the things that I could potentially do….  Karysa Norris, 2011

The most rewarding thing about the SIAMS program is the ability to see the concepts that we discuss in class come to life in the museums we visit and within the exhibition process.  The opportunity to plan and execute our own exhibition is incredible.
Holly Harmon, 2008

To be published, even on a small scale, is something I am very proud of.  This program helped me to achieve wonderful things, and build my resume for applications to internships and graduate schools. 
Benjamin Burtt, 2009

This program has been the most rewarding experience of my professional life. I was unsure of what to expect but after meeting the other fourteen students and bonding so quickly over our similar interests, I knew that SIAMS would be worthwhile. Not only have we made lifelong friendships, but we have learned how to collaborate to create an exhibition we are all proud of. 
Elizabeth Bryson, 2011

 I suppose the ‘sexiest’ part of this course was getting to bump elbows with so many museum higher-ups.  We met an incredible number of directors, trustees, collectors and other museum officials.  I imagine it would take years to acquire all the knowledge we’ve gained in the past six weeks, and even longer to circulate into the groups we’ve met.
Caitlin Bjellquist, 2007

Every single person our group met with was genuine, honest and spoke to a love of his or her work. These people who graciously took time out of their own demanding schedules aided in creating an atmosphere that was refreshing and inspirational.
Amanda Hill, 2008

…bringing together a variety of individuals from extremely different backgrounds creates a wonderful electricity.
Natalie Donghia, 2008