South Wing
Northampton State Hospital
Main Complex
6. South Wing/South Infirmary
NSH-6- South Wing
South Infirmary From Baseball Field
SouthInf & Headhouse
6.SouthINfirmary, Southward
6. SouthIInfirmary, SouthWing
2.Portico Facing South, Snow
6, 43. Head House and South Infirmary
Beth Murphy Speaks to FYS '04
South Wing West Corner
South Wing
6. South Infirmary
South Lawn & South Wing
6 & 43. Spring, South Wing & Head House
6 & 43. Save the Special Tree
South Infirmary
South Infirmary Roofline
 Tree Through Window
6. South Corner & Lamp Post
Roof of South Wing
Alongside South Wing, Facing North
6. South Infirmar and New Renovation
South Infirmary Danger Unsafe
6 & 13. South Infirmary and Nurse's Home
6 & 43. South Inf and Head House
68. South Lawn with view of South Wing
68. South Lawn and South Wing