North Wing
Northampton State Hospital
Main Complex
5. North Wing/North Infirmary
Renaissance Revival
Architect: Unknown
NSH-5- North Wing
5. North Infirmary from front path
5. WindowsOfNorthInf
Northeast walls and equipment
5. Northeast walls from interior court
2. 3rdNWing and North Infirmary
5. Smoking Porches, North
 5. North Wing
5. SmashedWindows2
5. IviedWall
5. IviedWindowsWall
2. Portico Facing North, Snow
68. FrontEntrancefromNorth
2. Old Main, North Wing Facing South
2. South Wing, Main Entrance.
5. & 2. Facing South along Old Main
Airing Ct, North Wing
68. Old Main from South  lawn
North Wing Corner, Stairs
North Wing Corner
5. North Infirmary
5. North Infirmary
5. North Infirmary, Open Door
Old Main, Facing North