Leslie Stephen's Photograph Album

Leslie Stephen compiled a photograph album and wrote an epistolary memoir, known as the “Mausoleum Book,” to mourn the death of his wife, Julia, in 1895. Leslie Stephen’s photograph album is now part of the Elizabeth Power Richardson Bloomsbury Iconography Collection at Smith College. All quotations are from Leslie Stephen’s memoir (Additional Manuscript 57920 in the British Library). The album and the memoir, which Stephen created for his children and stepchildren, provide an exceptional example of late Victorian grief.

An online finding aid, available through the Five College Archives & Manuscript Collections project, includes detailed information about the photograph album. Access is also provided through the Five College Library System with a keyword or title search:
Photograph album of Leslie Stephen.

The images for this online exhibition were taken from photographs on display in Neilson Library in conjunction with the Thirteenth Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf (June 2003).

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exhibition designed and written by Karen V. Kukil

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