Dr. John Jackson, c. 1883
Possibly by Henry H. H. Cameron (1852-1911)

Dr. John Jackson

Dr. John Jackson (1804-1887) was Virginia Woolf’s maternal grandfather. He made a modest fortune as a physician in India where he married Maria Pattle in 1837. She was the granddaughter of “a Chevalier de l’Etang, who is said to have been a friend of Marie Antoinette.” Dr. Jackson “never had a day’s illness in his life,” according to Leslie Stephen, and “went to church as regularly as to his dinner.” He had “a commonplace understanding, and was a worshipper of respectability.”

Reproduction of plate 17 from Leslie Stephen’s Photograph Album
Original: albumen print (23.8 x 18.2 cm.)
Mortimer Rare Book Room, Smith College

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