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Step 6. Save your Microsoft Word Default Stettings and Templates

If you have ever added new words to your Word dictionary, created macros, or changed your auto-correct settings, auto-text settings, default page margins, or default font, you should make a copy of your Templates folder (which contains the file) and store it on your H: drive.

Save your Word
settings while you still have your old computer.

If you have you have customized Word, created templates, or customized the dictionary, you should make a copy of these items and store them on your H: drive. We also recommend that you record your default margins and font settings.

Default Margins and Font
Open a blank Word document and write down the default font and your margin settings. You may need to reset this manually in MS Office

Templates, UProof, Document Building Blocks folders and the Quick Access Toolbar
To save these settings, you will need to copy the Templates, UProof, Document Building Blocks, and the Office folders to your H: drive, as follows:

  1. Open Windows Explorer or My Computer and navigate to this exact location:

    The username is typically your username.

    If you do not see these folders in the expected location, Click on Organize, Folder & Search Options, View and click on Show hidden folders and files.

  2. To select any or all 4 folders to copy, hold down your Control key and click once on the Document Building Blocks folder, then click once on the Office folder, once Templates folder, and once on the UProof folder. All four folders should now be highlighted.

  3. From the Edit menu select Copy.

  4. Change your location to your H: drive and paste the folders there.

Continue to Step 7. Dreamweaver users: Save your site definitions.

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