Transferring Ownership of Google Drive Files
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If you own Google Drive files that you created as part of your Smith job, your student organization involvement, or a team or group project, you will want to ensure that someone else can access and manage the files once your account expires. In order to determine the best approach, consider the following:

  • If the files are owned by you and are currently stored under your personal My Drive, we recommend that you move those files to an existing or new Google Shared Drive that you are a Manager or Content Manager of. We recommend moving the files instead of copying files since moving files to a new location/Shared Drive folder will preserve the document history.

  • If the files are stored in a Google Shared Drive folder and you are the Manager of that Shared Drive, make sure that there is at least one other member with Manager permissions. See instructions below on how to check and update members and their permissions.

Check and adjust ownership of a Shared drive folder

To check who has access to a Shared Drive and what their access status is:

  1. To view Shared drives you have access to, navigate to the Shared drives area in Google Drive or go to If you are not signed in to your Smith account, sign in with your Smith email and password. From the left-side menu, confirm that you are viewing Shared drives.

  2. Locate the Shared Drive folder you want to check, hover over the Name, and either right-click (Windows) or CTRL+click (Mac).

  3. To view the list of users and their permissions, select Manage Members (if you have permission) or View Members. Note: If you only see the View Members option, you do not have access to manage members of that folder.

  4. From the Manage members window, type the user's name or e-mail address to add a user as a member. Make sure their status is Manager so they'll be able to manage the files in that folder.

To move files and folders from your My Drive to a Shared drive location

BEFORE YOU GET STARTED: If these instructions do not match what you see in Google Drive, check that your browser is up to date and nstall any pending updates.

  1. Access your Google My Drive and locate the files you want to move.

  2. Review the Share permissions of the files and/or folders and make a note of anyone that should continue to have access.

  3. Select the files or folders by first clicking on a single file or folder, then holding the CTL key (cmd key for macOS) while clicking all of the ones you want to move.

  4. Right-click the selected files and select Move to. A new window will display.

  5. Select All locations.

  6. In the list of available drives, double-click on Shared drives. A list of all the Shared drive folders you have access to will display.

  7. Navigate to the target drive folder where you want to move the files, and select the arrow to the right of the drive location. The target folder contents will display.

  8. To initiate the Move of all of the select files, select Move. The files will be moved to this folder.

  9. Review the Share permissions of the files and/or folder and confirm that the users who should still have access to the files (from step #2) are listed. If not, adjust the Share permissions or members of this Shared Drive location.

  10. After the move is complete, if you need to make a copy to take with you, you can create copies now and it will still leave the original file and its document history intact.


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