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Exhibit: November & December 2003

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Emily Hitchcock Terry, 1838-1921
Chrysanthemum indicum: watercolor, 1866
(now known as Dendranthema indica)

One of 142 watercolors of American flowers painted by botanist Emily Hitchcock Terry between 1850 and 1910. Terry was the youngest child of geologist Edward and Orra White Hitchcock. Her father served as president of Amherst College from 1845 to 1854. Emily was an 1859 graduate of Mount Holyoke College and studied art at The Cooper Union in New York City in 1865. Emily married the Reverend Cassius Terry in 1870 and moved to Minnesota in 1872 where she lived until her husband died in 1881. From 1884 to 1909 she was head of Hubbard House at Smith College. In 1913 she compiled this bound volume of her botanical paintings and presented it to the Department of Botany at Smith College. All of the watercolors were painted from nature in New England, Colorado, Minnesota, South Carolina, and Florida.

Gloria F. Seaman
Chrysanthemums. Six Etchings by Gloria Seaman. Chinese & Japanese Poems.
[Northampton]: Apiary Press, 1960.
Copy number 22 of an edition of 25 copies, signed by the artist, and printed in the typography studio at Smith College in 1960.
Presented by Gloria Seaman Allen, Class of 1960.

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