FCAD Observing Opportunities at the WIYN 0.9m

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 The Five College Astronomy Department is guaranteed 15 nights per year on the WIYN 0.9m telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory outside of Tucson, AZ. This partnership with WIYN is designed to provide professional observing experience to both our undergrad and graduate students.


We allocate observing time in two ways:

The FCAD provides travel funds for all observers. Once the observing schedule is released any unscheduled nights can be requested, at no additional cost, by anyone in the consortium, on a first come/first served basis.

The telescope:

The telescope only has imaging instrumentation. The prime camera is the HDI (Half Degree Imager) and the backup instrument is S2KB.

  There are numerous filters that can be used with HDI (or S2KB). Those with guaranteed availability include the full set of SDSS filters (except for u) plus those listed at the bottom of this page. Also available if not scheduled on another telescope: