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spacer Ellen Wright Garrison and Lucy Gibbons Morse, circa 1926 (Garrison Family Papers)
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Digital Collections

Digitized images and documents from the Sophia Smith Collection are displayed throughout this site, in digital projects on other Web sites, and in Smith College's Luna image database. Full text transcripts of oral history projects are also available online.

March for Women's Lives, Washington, D.C., undated

Finding images
Search or browse our growing collection of images in Smith's Luna image database, or plan a visit to the SSC to find many more!

Vera Barger and unidentified staff member of the YWCA of China, circa 1925

Online exhibits
View a rich selection of documents and images in Web exhibits created by SSC staff and interns.

Oral history interview
Oral Histories
Read full transcripts of oral history interviews.
Phyllis Birkby, filmmaker
Streaming Media
Selected audio and video recordings from our collections and SSC events.

Other Digital Projects Featuring SSC Documents and Images

Grant Family Papers
Portions of this collection have been digitized and can be found on the Five College Digitization Project site.

Florence Sabin Papers
This collection is featured in Profiles in Science on the National Library of Medicine Web site.

Women and Social Movements International documents the history of 20th century women's global agendas and activities. The site features hundreds of primary source documents and images from Sophia Smith Collection including YWCA leaders Elmina Lucke, Ruth Lois Hill, and Ruth Woodsmall; influential international activists Mary van Kleeck, Josephine Schain, Madeleine Doty, and Dorothy Kenyon; and central women's organizations, such as the International Council of Women, the Pan Pacific and Southeast Asia Women's Association, the Committee of Correspondence, and the Women's Committee of the Africa-America Institute.

Women and Social Movements in the U.S., 1600-2000 features selected documents, images, and audiovisual materials from the following SSC collections (available with subscription):
Garrison Family Papers (Martha Coffin Wright)
"How Did Abolitionist Women and Their Slaveholding Relatives Negotiate Their Conflict over the Issue of Slavery?"

National Congress of Neighborhood Women Records
"How Did Working-Class Feminists Meet the Challenges of Working across Differences?: The National Congress of Neighborhood Women, 1974-2006"

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