Smith's Impact in Northampton

Smith President Delivers Address to Chamber
President Kathleen McCartney addressed the Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce’s Incite Leadership breakfast on December 17. More...

Smith College is proud to be a vital part of Northampton and a partner in its success. This information attempts to capture the extent of the college’s economic, civic and cultural participation in the life of a city we value and celebrate.

Smith is Northamptons largest taxpayer.

Smith is Northampton’s largest institutional donor to the United Way of Hampshire County, with $130,500 in contributions in 2013-14.

Approximately 41 percent of Smith’s 1,374 employees live in Northampton, Florence and Leeds, contributing to the local economy.

Annual payroll (wages and benefits), fiscal year 2014: $124,626,032

Annual payroll (wages only), fiscal year 2014: $94,883,560

United Way contributions by employees in 2013–14: $130,500

Smith is Northampton’s largest institutional donor to the United Way of Hampshire County. Our coordinated campuswide campaign is responsible for our significant contribution.

Grants for research, teaching and outreach: $5,781,301

Charitable foundations, corporations, and federal and state agencies make grants to Smith College, the faculty and administrators in support of teaching, research and outreach projects that strengthen local education partnerships while affecting the local economy directly and indirectly.


Construction spending from 2010 to 2014: $146,182,396

Spending by Students and Visitors

Admission visitors: 4,605

Summer program visitors: 2,900

Estimated expenditures by students and visitors: $3,700,000

The college’s OneCard ID system allows students to make purchases at participating Northampton businesses using a debit feature associated with their Smith ID cards. In 2013–14 Smith students spent $61,444 with Northampton merchants through this program.

City of Northampton

Water and sewer charges: $889,642

Permits, licenses, fees and other—paid to City of Northampton: 

Business Improvement District $1,310
Permits $37,500
Inspections $13,845
Real estate taxes $527,259

Northampton Business Improvement District

Member contribution: $20,000

In-kind contribution: $7,500

Information on this Web site is based on 2013-14 figures; it was updated in September 2014. Although we attempt to make this information as comprehensive as possible, there may still be some unintentional omissions. Please send comments or corrections to the Office of College Relations, Smith College, Northampton, MA 01063, (413) 585-2170.