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The up to $15,000 Killam Fellowship is for JUNIOR YEAR ABROAD preferably for a year otherwise a semester at a choice of 10 universities in CANADA. Might be particularly appropriate for students in the sciences since major Canadian schools typically have world-class research institutions. Deadline is around the end of February. Only US citizens are eligible to apply. Begin application FALL SOPHOMORE YEAR.


Junior Year/Semester at a Canadian University


The Foundation for Educational Exchange Between Canada and the United States has developed a partnership between the American Killam Trusts and the Foundation to create a high-level scholarship/exchange program for third-year university students which will add considerably to the development of mutual understanding between Americans and Canadians.

ONE or two semesters of study for Juniors at a choice of 11 universities in Canada. Applications for a single semester are slightly preferred.


The most advantageous time to register for a fellowship is in the spring, starting mid February. Statistics show that those who register earlier fare far better. The deadline to register for the Killam is the end of September. Petitions to register later may be considered from students who show exceptional promise to be successful in fellowships competitions.

It is expected applicants will have academic standards similar to the students at these Canadian universities.

Smith students awarded the Killam Fellowship receive $10,000 for a year, $5000 for one semester, and are eligible for an additional $5000 "High Cost Allowance" for a total of $15,000 (for a year).

Killam applicants prioritize their university choices and the Foundation in Canada does its best to place fellows in their first choices. See the 4. CANADIAN UNIVERSITIES link below.

Students can apply either to the direct exchange program (partner institutions) or the open competition (self-placed program).
Please note that the application is suitable for either or both programs. Undergraduate students in all fields of study are encouraged to apply.

Direct exchange program: Killam Fellows who participate in the direct exchange program (partner institutions) will register at their home institution and attend a partner host institution as an exchange student and, during the course of their fellowship, will continue to pay tuition and fees to their home institution.

Open competition: Killam Fellows who participate in the open competition (self-placed program) will enroll as a fee-paying visiting student at their host institution, and pay visitors tuition fees to their host institution.
However, they may choose to apply for an existing exchange or study abroad program through their home institution, and consequently, attend the non-partner host institution in the other country as an exchange student while paying tuition fees to their home institution and still receive a Killam Fellowship.

A Killam Fellowship might be particularly appropriate for students in the sciences who often feel pressured to fulfill all their science requirements in their sophomore year so that they can go abroad during their junior year to institutions that are not particularly strong in their science offerings. Students attending major Canadian schools have the advantage of attending world-class research institutions in the sciences that allow them to continue naturally in their science programs. No interruption of their science program is necessary, resulting in a more relaxing first and second year experience at Smith that doesn't force them to carry unusually heavy loads of science courses so that they save up enough 'electives' for a year abroad.


1. Contact Killam Mentors Professor Ernest Benz (ebenz@email.smith.edu) and Professor Justin Cammy (jcammy@email.smith.edu) for more information.

2. Killam applicants finalize their Canadian university plans with the Assistant Dean for International Study Lisa Johnson before beginning the Killam application. Attend a Study Abroad Info Session most Mondays at 4 pm organized by the Office for International Study. Then consult with Assistant Dean Johnson during her open hours obtainable by email: studyabroad@smith.edu .

3. Register for Smith's Killam Fellowships program with dandrew@smith.edu

4. Donald Andrew assigns registered applicants to a Killam Mentor (a faculty member), who will assist them with completing the Killam application.

5. Keep an eye on the deadlines. The first campus deadline is November 15th.

Killam Financial Arrangements
  • Like other Smith Study Abroad students, Killam Fellows pay Smith home-school fees (less financial aid) but, unlike other Smith Study Abroad students, Killam Fellows do not pay Smith room and board.
  • However, unlike other Smith Study Abroad students, Killam Fellows do pay for their own room and board abroad (in Canada) which can be paid for out of the Killam award. This amount should exceed room and board costs in Canada.
  • Killam applicants apply separately for the $5000, which is paid against their tuition account. The High Cost Allowance is available at only some private U.S. institutions, such as Smith.

Contact Information by University to find out more about course offerings. Also available to help is:

Michelle Emond, Program Officer memond@killamfellowships.com

Acadia University Wolfville, Nova Scotia
Ms. Shawna Garrett

Dalhousie University Halifax, Nova Scotia
Ms. Sharon Blanchard

McGill University Montréal, Quebec
Ms. Linda Anderson
Exchange Student Application Guide

McMaster University Hamilton, Ontario
Ms. Karen Jowett
905-525-9140 ext: 23145

Memorial University of Newfoundland St John's, Newfoundland (main campus)
Ms. Judy Casey

Mount Allison University Sackville, New Brunswick
Ms. Sharon Doucette

Queen's University Kingston, Ontario
Ms. Teresa Alm
613-533-2216 Ext: 77110

Université de Montréal
Montréal, Quebec
Ms. Joanne Néron

University of Ottawa Ottawa, Ontario
Ms. Line Bissonnette
613-562-5800 Ext: 1448

University of Toronto Toronto, Ontario
Ms. Miranda Chen

York University Toronto, Ontario
Ms. Beth Alaksa

Begin gathering information in Spring Semester of your First Year if you can.