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Memorial for Luc Gilleman

The English department aims to teach all the students it serves, both majors and non-majors, to write and speak well and to read skillfully, thoughtfully and with pleasure. We continue to offer many courses that stress literary history and canonical figures, but we also give our students opportunities to experiment with a variety of new fields, theoretical perspectives and linguistic developments, and to pursue creative writing of their own.

We expect that our majors will graduate with an understanding of the historical and cultural forces that have shaped literatures in English, beginning in the British Isles, but now spread across the world. We want all our students to learn to wrestle with the complex interpretive challenges that literature poses and to become, in the words of Henry James, people "upon whom nothing is lost."

News & Events

Literary Lunch:


Literary Lunches happen in Seelye 207 from 12:00-1:00 As always, lunch is provided for the first 20 attendees. All are welcome.

Wednesday, March 26th-The Garden of Darkness

Please join us to hear Professor Gillian Murray Kendall read from her forthcoming YA novel, The Garden of Darkness. She'll also discuss the process of getting published.

Wednesday, April 9th-Creating Disability Studies Syllabi: Disability in YA Fiction

This lunch continues the conversation about children's and young adult literature that Gillian Kendall began last week. Please join us to hear sophomore Rebecca Davidson discuss her special studies, an interdisciplinary effort to bring disability studies into the curriculum here at Smith. She has created an innovative syllabus for a young adult fiction class, incorporating novels, articles, and films.This is a great Lit Lunch for students interested in YA fiction, disabilities studies, or combining the two.

Wednesday, April 23rd

Professor Eric Reeves will give a talk on Milton, "Human Sexuality in Paradise: What was lost and why?" Please join us for this last Literary Lunch for the academic year!