“I am privileged to meet so many women from different places in the world and to hear about their stories and to learn and share our experiences together. This is the most powerful thing for me.”
—Amal Sabawi, Palestine



“…It has been my pleasure that I’m here attending, meeting women from all walks of life, listening to their experiences—their pain of what they’re going through in their countries and the kind of work that they are doing. Through this … I have the strong belief that I will go back home a different person.”
—Jane Alao, South Sudan



“They have gathered remarkable women from all over the world. They have the stories of courage … We will take their lessons and we will give that message to the women who are suffering. Now, the next generation will not be like this. They will be known as the peace builders and peace makers in the world.”
—Sadia Farid, Pakistan




“My name means ‘the light.’ This Institute is a wonderful experience for me. We can share with each other and we get lots of experience from learning and sharing together.”
—Saw Yee Mon, Myanmar



“I have discovered the multiple dynamics of women’s leadership and women’s roles in peace building and peace keeping … I am taking with me a lot of ambition, insights and courage. I am not alone, there are so many sisters with me, there are so many women with me in this journey … which gives me inspiration.”
—Shabnam Baloch, Pakistan



“The WPSP gives us a lot of things—how to do, how to learn, how to decide, how to plan for a developing country. Here we can connect with the women of other countries, and each country has a history of conflict, but all the women are attending with the same idea of living in peace and bringing peace to others.”
—Van Thi Khanh Le, Vietnam




“I have learned ideas about how to solve, how to prevent and how to build sustainable peace keeping.”
—Win Pyae Pyae Aung, Myanmar



“Recharged after a power-packed two-week Institute meeting with women of substance and grit. Inspired by women who have redefined commitment with a deep focus on transforming communities and lives while tackling everyday realities.”
—Joanna Dhanabalan, India


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Illustration by Jennifer Liang (in above photo, center)
Photo by John Gillooly